Bicycle Links:

Free Bikes for Kids

Bicycle Links is a bike shop and social enterprise in Norwich. Their social project ‘Free Bikes for Kids’ was funded in summer 2022 by Love Norfolk.

“My Son T absolutely loves his bike that he got from this scheme, it’s helped him to work on his confidence and his social abilities when around other children! Which is really useful in regards to his social difficulties stemming from Autism. Thanks again!”

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis means that families have been struggling more than ever to afford the extra cost of a bike for their children. Bicycle Links receive donated bikes from the public, which their skilled team of volunteers refurbish to be redistributed into the community. With Love Norfolk funding, Bicycle Links were able to distribute 69 bikes and helmets this summer to children whose families would be otherwise unable to afford this added expense.

Having bikes has had a huge impact on the children and families supported by Bicycle Links. They have given children a way to be active and socialise with their friends. It has also provided an activity for families at the weekend, whether this be family bike rides or taking the children to the park with their bikes.

Bicycle Links were inundated with applications for Free Bikes for Kids. They hope to continue with their social project in the future, providing bikes for the many children whose families are currently unable to afford it. 

You can find Bicycle Links contact details on their website.


“My son has not had a bike before, so by getting the bike from yourselves you have given him a childhood memory that I could not afford to do. I am so very grateful.”

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