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The Covid-19 pandemic has shattered our everyday lives – we have struggled to buy food and essentials, and suffered daily anxiety about the risk of infection both for ourselves and our loved ones. From isolation, health fears and financial uncertainty, to the heartbreak of loss and separation, for many, these weeks under lockdown are the most difficult of our lives. This is particularly the case when home is not the safe place it should be, for those at risk of abuse or violence, and the children who may witness it. Many of these impacts will not end when the immediate crisis lifts, and often it is our local charities that offer the lifeline that will get us through.

The strength of our charities comes from the people who run them. Committed, compassionate people who put others first and keep going come what may. Norfolk Community Foundation is proud to provide vital funding to help our charities and volunteers take action in these exceptional times, and as ever we champion their innovation and determination.

But our charities are under huge pressure – not only do they need to rapidly adapt to find new ways of providing support and care for the people they help, they are also facing a drop in funding. Charity shops are closed, fundraisers are cancelled, and for many income is falling. This crisis in charity funding will not end when lockdown is lifted, it is likely to impact for months while we continue to desperately need their work.

Norfolk Community Foundation is working with the Local Resilience Forum for the county to ensure we are directing funding to the areas of greatest urgency, to enable the most vulnerable to access the vital help and care they need.

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Norfolk Community Foundation is a charity dedicated to building stronger communities and improving the lives of people in Norfolk.

We bring people together who want to make a difference where they live – whether they step up to take action themselves, or support those who do with an investment of funding or time.

Supporting over 2,000 small charitable groups working on the ground, our work touches 1 in 4 people in Norfolk – from those dependent on local practical and social support, to whole communities benefiting from improved buildings and green spaces.

By bringing people together, we can do more. What can you do?

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