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For some, the Covid-19 crisis hasn’t passed and for many, it hasn’t yet begun. As the nights get darker and the temperature drops, the onset of the winter months can be a worrying time for many people in Norfolk. This year, the crisis will exacerbate many existing problems – which is why we’re using our annual winter appeal to support those who will be more hungry, isolated, cold and anxious through our Surviving the Covid Winter appeal.

Since we launched our emergency Covid-19 Community Response Fund in March, with help from the public, local businesses and grants, we have been able to invest close to £2 million of urgent aid. This funding has enabled Norfolk charities to deliver essential support to the people who needed them: helping them deal with everything from exhausting, everyday challenges to life shattering issues and crisis situations.

But sadly, the situation is likely to get worse as we move into the colder, winter months and face further lockdown restrictions and job losses.

Winter is always a difficult time for many people in Norfolk; particularly the homeless, elderly and isolated. Whether you are struggling to pay your bills and feed your family, have lost a loved one, experienced anxiety, been made redundant or struggled with ill-health; Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on many of us. People who have never asked for the support of a charity before have needed help in order to get by.

Claire Cullens, Chief Executive of Norfolk Community Foundation said of the appeal: “We have run a Surviving Winter Appeal for the last few years, but it’s never been more important than it is in 2020. Our fantastic local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations are ready to help, but they need money to deliver their services. Perhaps you receive a winter fuel allowance that you don’t need and would like to help someone else to stay warm? Your experience of lockdown may not have been too bad, and you feel that you’d like to support your community. Every pound that we raise will enable charities to provide a vital lifeline to people in Norfolk this winter.”

Donate now to our Surviving the Covid Winter appeal to make a difference


Norfolk Community Foundation is a charity dedicated to building stronger communities and improving the lives of people in Norfolk.

We bring people together who want to make a difference where they live – whether they step up to take action themselves, or support those who do with an investment of funding or time.

Supporting over 2,000 small charitable groups working on the ground, our work touches 1 in 4 people in Norfolk – from those dependent on local practical and social support, to whole communities benefiting from improved buildings and green spaces.

By bringing people together, we can do more. What can you do?

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