Charitable trusts

We’re delighted to work with many local and national charitable trusts to support communities across Norfolk.

Trustees, those passionate about supporting local causes, often choose to give through the Norfolk Community Foundation. Why? Because we possess unrivalled knowledge of local charities and a clear understanding of local needs. This unique insight allows us to distribute funds where they’ll have the greatest impact. Trustees can rest assured that their contributions will be wisely invested.

In addition, when you work with the Community Foundation, you retain a high level of control and decision-making. All the while you benefit from our expertise in grant-making and our deep local knowledge. Trustees can actively shape how, where, and when their funds are used within the community.

How we can work with you


Many local Charitable Trusts have chosen to co-fund with us by supporting one of our research-led collective giving funds:

Grant-making services

Our expert programmes team award around £5 million of grant funding each year through a diverse range of funds. The team is very well placed to offer grant-making services for standalone charitable trusts. Depending on your needs, we can either run your funding programmes or your entire charitable trust for you.

“NCF, with its excellent record of both attracting and managing charitable organisations, was the perfect resting place for the Norfolk Millennium Trust for Carers for the future.”

Paddy Seligman, Former Chair of Norfolk Millennium Trust for Carers
Charitable trust transfer service

If you’re concerned about the long-term sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness of your charitable trust, we’re here to support you. Our service offers the opportunity for your trust to transform into a standalone Fund held by the Foundation. This ensures a secure future for the charity while preserving the original vision and wishes of the founder, with the impact of these funds rippling through generations to come.

Local charitable trusts play a vital role in funding our communities. However, managing a charitable trust involves significant administrative and regulatory responsibilities. Balancing efficient and effective fund utilisation can be daunting, especially for volunteer Trustees. Here’s where we step in: by transferring the trust to the Foundation, we shoulder the administrative and regulatory burden. Meanwhile, you can remain engaged as an advisor on the Fund Advisory Panel, actively shaping grant-making decisions. And if some Trustees prefer to step away entirely, that’s perfectly fine too.

Together, we can create a legacy of positive change.

Please speak to our expert team if you are concerned about…
  • Identifying beneficiaries or spending funds.
  • Recruiting new Trustees when current Trustees step down or retire.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements, such as carrying out due diligence or reporting to the Charity Commission.
  • The continuity of the trust and delivering its charitable purpose in perpetuity.
  • Not using charitable assets effectively, such as annual income being continually underspent or the trust fund becoming dormant.
  • Assets of the trust fund being too small to have significant impact, such as negligible investment income for grant distribution.
  • Objects of the trust fund becoming impossible to fulfil over time.
  • Historical area of benefit becoming restrictive, making it virtually impossible to identify qualifying grant recipients.

By engaging with Norfolk Community Foundation, Trustees can find a way to reinvigorate grant-making in line with the donors’ original intentions.

See the impact we’ve already had with charitable trusts

Talk to us about working together

Norfolk Community Foundation is able to draw on the collective experience of UK Community Foundations to provide guidance and support every step of the way to trusts wishing to transfer responsibly.

If you’re a Trustee of a charitable trust or a professional advisor and are interested in transferring a trust to Norfolk Community Foundation, please get in touch.