Payroll Giving

Enable your employees to give regularly to causes they care about through their payroll, helping them make a bigger impact in the community through tax-efficient giving.

Every UK employer can start a Payroll Giving scheme and is a hassle-free way for businesses to support their employee’s giving goals. Simple to run and easy to set up, it provides charities with a regular income and gives employees a tax break on the donations they make. There are no admin costs to run the scheme; all donations are directed into your chosen fund.

We help connect Norfolk employees to local causes they are passionate about, supporting hundreds of small charities that work tirelessly to help those most in need. It can form part of your wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model, too.

The Norfolk Community Foundation is both a Payroll Giving Agency, managing the scheme, and a registered charity to which donations can be given. It is cost effective and all funds raised in Norfolk are invested in the county, directed to where they are most needed.

Choose to support the Foundation’s work across Norfolk generally or focus on one of our key areas:

  • The Sir Norman Lamb Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund supports children and young people struggling with mental ill health, learning disabilities or Autism.
  • Nourishing Norfolk feeds Norfolk’s future by helping to combat food insecurity and ensure that no one goes hungry.
  • Help Vulnerable Families by supporting vital community projects that help local families facing challenges to reach the services and opportunities they need.
  • Give to Love Norfolk to empower people to make change and take action by building stronger communities from the ground up through local spaces and services.
  • Support Together for Women and Girls and help take positive steps towards empowerment and opportunity for all.
  • Or choose to give where it’s needed most, supporting the most urgent causes in Norfolk.
How does it work?

Payroll Giving is a government scheme that allows employees to donate their pre-tax pay, meaning you can donate more for less. For example, donating £10.00 will only cost a 20% tax-payer £8.00, a 40% tax-payer £6.00 and a 45% tax-payer £5.50. It must be paid through PAYE from someone’s wages or pension. Payroll Giving is for most people in regular employment, receiving director’s fees or a company pension, the simplest way to give tax-efficiently.

Not only is our sign-up super streamlined, but we’ll be there helping you every step of the way:

  1. Sign up for the scheme with Norfolk Community Foundation – we’ll take care of the background admin.
  2. Get your workforce excited about supporting great causes – we’ll visit your workplace to explain the scheme and inspire your employees!
  3. Choose your charities – employees can choose local key initiatives close to their hearts, or pick the charities they love.
  4. Send us your donation – one payment, one remittance, once a month. Easy.
  5. Get updates – when you choose to back our key initiatives, each employee will be updated on the difference their donations make on their doorstep!

What others say

“Here at Broadland and South Norfolk Councils we have been really proud to be able to work alongside the Norfolk Community Foundation to develop a payroll giving scheme and to be an early adopter. The scheme is an easy way for us all to make a real difference to people in Norfolk. We can collectively have a very real impact on individuals in need of support in our community. So why not become a ‘Friend of the Norfolk Foundation’ and join the payroll giving scheme, together we really can make a difference.”

Trevor Holden, Managing Director of Broadland Council and South Norfolk Council

“After a member of my family became seriously ill with mental health issues, I became aware of just how limited the support was for individuals, particularly to prevent a mental health crisis or to support them when recovering from a crisis. I decided to join our payroll giving scheme to support the Norfolk Community Foundations work, and asked that this goes to mental health provision in Norfolk. We all have the chance to make a difference and I would strongly urge everyone that can to join the payroll giving scheme, be that for a £1 a month or more, together we really can make a difference.”

Employee using our payroll giving scheme