Nourishing Norfolk

Join the movement to feed Norfolk’s future by helping to combat food insecurity and ensure that no-one goes hungry. Support innovative and long-term food solutions for our county, enabling people to access good quality and affordable food.

In the beautiful county of Norfolk known for centuries for agriculture and food production, there are thousands of people struggling to access good quality, affordable food. On top of this, existing food inequalities within society have only widened as a result of the global pandemic.

Covid-19 has brought the reality of food poverty even more to the forefront, with people who have never asked for help before experiencing real hardship. Having lost their jobs or had income reduced, many simply cannot afford to buy enough food to properly nourish themselves and their families. In Norfolk, around 86,000 people worry that they could struggle to provide adequate food for their household in the future.

At Norfolk Community Foundation, we believe that everyone in Norfolk should be able to eat well, every day. That doesn’t mean having to rely on one of the emergency food parcels that are currently a lifeline for many families, and it should not mean having to fill your shopping basket with cheaper, low nutrition food either. It means everyone being able to afford to choose the food they would like to buy; so they can put together well-balanced, nutritious meals.

Norfolk Community Foundation has been working with local partners and national experts to devise longer term food solutions for our county. Our mission is ensure that those struggling the most can always access good quality food.

“Food security is not only about being able to afford enough food but also being able to afford food that is nutritious.”

Joseph Rowntree Foundation
What is the answer?

Norfolk Community Foundation is working with local charities to expand their offer to include food hubs; community spaces where people can shop for food locally on a budget. Hubs provide healthy, nutritious food at low prices or for free, offering the benefit of dignity and choice for people living under increasing financial pressure to meet basic needs. Food hubs help to build people up, providing necessary food while connecting them to other helpful services. 

Food hubs in action

In November 2020, The Burrell Shop opened at the Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford as the first food hub, following a partnership approach with Breckland Council, national organisation Feeding Britain and Thetford Shines Brighter Funders developed and led by Norfolk Community Foundation.

Since launching, the Burrell Shop has been joined by other hubs including The Food Pantry Feltwell, a smaller shop run by volunteers serving a highly rural community, and the Breckland Mobile Food Store, supplying good quality affordable food to rural villages throughout Breckland.

Food hubs can help release people from the restrictions our economy places on them, such as low pay, mounting bills and high housing costs. We know that food is just the beginning. Hubs will build people’s resilience and tackle root causes of hunger to build a stronger, healthier Norfolk.

Join the movement to feed Norfolk’s future

Inspired by the success of the first food hub, we are currently working with charity partners and local authorities throughout Norfolk to establish food hubs across the country to eliminate food insecurity in local communities.

We need Norfolk to help Norfolk. If you want to join this innovative project, please consider making a donation to the Nourishing Norfolk Fund, linking us with support organisations (does your company have expertise in food supply or production? Warehouses or distribution?), or helping to get us connected (can you connect us with others who could help?).

If you would like to make a contribution to the Nourishing Norfolk Fund, donations can be made by completing the donation form below, by calling 01603 623958 to make a card payment over the phone or by sending a cheque made payable to Norfolk Community Foundation (referencing ‘Nourishing Norfolk’ on the reverse) to Norfolk Community Foundation, 5th Floor St James Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich, NR3 1TN.

Join us to help nourish Norfolk and feed our county for the future.

Judy Dow, Head of Philanthropy at Norfolk Community Foundation, and Cllr Sam Chapman-Allen, Leader of Breckland Council at the Burrell Shop