Nourishing Norfolk Growers

Can you help feed your community by becoming a Nourishing Norfolk grower?

Nourishing Norfolk is about ensuring no one in Norfolk goes hungry, and it’s also about Nourishing Norfolk with high quality, nutritious food so households can prepare healthy meals.  

Providing fresh fruit and vegetables plays a crucial role in this support, but it can be a challenge for food hubs to source produce affordably, locally and seasonally.   

Can you help by joining our Nourishing Norfolk growers?  

Could you… 

  • Provide your excess fruit or vegetables if you have a glut in the garden or allotment?  
  • Sow extra plants at the end of your row, for your local food hub? 

How it works: 

  • Find your local food hub on the map below  
  • Talk to them about how and when they can accept your fresh fruit and veg 
  • Collect some complimentary seeds, provided courtesy of Notcutts from your local hub 

Your local hub can answer most of your questions about how they distribute the produce and support their members around how to prepare it.

Kerianna talks about being a Nourishing Norfolk Grower
Notcutts logo. An illustration of a green ball of flowers and leaves sits over 'Notcutts: Garden Inspiration since 1897'
Notcutts are supporting this programme by donating seeds to local growers through local Nourishing Norfolk food hubs

Find your nearest food hub

The diverse tapestry of food hubs reflects the uniqueness of Norfolk’s local communities, from supermarkets in urban areas to mobile buses that connect isolated communities with affordable food.

People struggling with the cost of living can routinely save around 40% off their average weekly shop through using their local food hub, and can also access local support such as money advice, cookery classes, or employment support.

Information about your local food hub can be found by exploring this map, or by clicking more information below for a detailed list of food hubs.

“Notcutts Norwich is proud to partner with Nourishing Norfolk – we know the important role that good nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle, and how this can be achieved through growing your own fruit and vegetables. By supporting community growers to grow their own vegetables, local communities will really benefit from this amazing initiative”

Darren Brooks, General Manager – Notcutts Norwich

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a food hub and how does Nourishing Norfolk work?  

Food hubs are local places where people can shop for food on a budget. Each is run by an independent charity, community group or social enterprise. Check out the main Nourishing Norfolk page to find out more.

Where’s my local hub,  how do I contact them and when are they open?  

Food hubs are members of the Nourishing Norfolk Network. You can find out more and discover your local hub here.

Do hubs charge for the fruit and vegetables? How is it used? 

The majority of hubs distribute fresh produce free of charge. Fruit and veg is primarily distributed to food hub members for their private consumption. If hubs receive lots of produce and have the facilities, they may prepare it as part of community meals.   

What fruit and vegetables do hubs need? 

Food hubs will be happy to take any and all fresh produce, but if it needs refrigeration please check with your hub as they may not offer chilled food.


How do I get it to the hub and does it have to be washed?  

In crates, bags, boxes or sacks is fine. Generally a weight of less than 25kg is helpful, as volunteers are handling this food and hubs may have limited storage for anything larger.  

Produce doesn’t have to be washed, but if produce is very muddy it would help if the mud could be allowed to dry and brushed off.  

When can I bring my fresh produce to the hub? 

Your local hub will be able to provide suitable drop-off times.

Do I have to donate, or can I get payment for my produce? 

Have a conversation with your local hub. Most hubs distribute all fruit and veg for free, so donated food helps them balance their costs. Please talk to them directly as they’ll judge on a case-by-case basis whether they can offer payment.

I don’t have much time but I’d like to work with others, can my local hub help? 

Speak to your local hub who can check if there other growers in your area who might be able to collect and deliver to the hub – we’re always keen to connect people and cut down fuel consumption.