Our response to Covid-19

We appreciate you may be concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on our services, so we wanted to update you on action we’re taking, and how we can offer you support.

We understand that some of the projects and activities we have funded will be affected by Covid-19, and if that means you need to postpone or re-design your work, we aim to support you to do that in the most appropriate way. That includes extending the period that your funding is available to you where needed, or agreeing an alternative use for your grant.

Please use your judgement, and apply current Government guidance, to consider whether your planned events and activities should go ahead. If you decide to cancel your activity, or cannot re-arrange within a reasonable timescale, please talk to us and we’ll decide the best way forward together.

At this time, our services remain operational. So if you have submitted an application, or are working on one now, please be reassured that it will be processed in the usual way. While it may not be sensible in some cases for decision making panels to meet, we will encourage a remote response to ensure that funding notifications are not delayed. Grant payments are being processed normally at this time.

While we have taken steps to ensure we can continue our services, we’re monitoring the situation closely and we’ll keep you updated if things change. It is likely that staff will be working remotely so please use email to contact us in the first instance, though phone messages and post will still be received.

We know that you will also be thinking about how best to continue your activities – and in some cases you may need to do things differently to provide the best service to the people you help. Please do let us know the challenges you are facing, to help us shape the support we can offer.


We award grants through a range of different Funds set up with Norfolk Community Foundation by local philanthropists who want to make a difference in their local community.

Our donors may be individuals, families, businesses, charitable trusts or other organisations who believe that smaller charities and voluntary groups have a vital role to play in improving quality of life and increasing opportunities for Norfolk people.

We mainly offer funding for constituted charitable organisations, and also offer a limited number of opportunities for individuals. Choose an option below to find out more about our current opportunities. If you are new to our Funds, you can also check your eligibility and learn about our requirements and application process step by step in the Guidance & Resources section. 

Funding opportunities vary throughout the year. Our Funds each have specific criteria and priorities, but all aim to meet need and address disadvantage in our communities. Find out more about some of the projects we have supported, and how we make a difference in communities.

You can view a full list of the Funds created with NCF by our partners here – when there is an opportunity to apply, the Fund will display as one of our current funding opportunities linked below.

We send out a regular email newsletter with all the latest grants news – if you would like to receive our grants e-bulletins, you can sign up at the bottom of this page, or contact the Grants Team for assistance.