Fundraise with Norfolk Community Foundation to make a difference on your doorstep

4 men wearing blue and pink cycling jerseys sit on bikes smiling..
Team Chestnut – Safari Cycle for Nourishing Norfolk
It feels good to give, but inspiring others to give to a cause you’re passionate about feels even better!

We’ll handle the background work so you can focus on the ‘fun’ part of fundraising; motivating others to help you reach your goal. Whether you’re running a marathon, streaming to your followers, collecting in memory of a loved one, sailing the Atlantic, or something completely different, we’ll be by your side boosting your voice, broadening your reach and supporting you every step of the way.

Top 5 reasons to fundraise with us:
  1. Personal service – Have a question? Need some help? Speak to a real person here in Norfolk.
  2. Flexible fundraising – From change buckets to JustGiving; however you want to fundraise, we can make it work.
  3. Give to things that work – Our diligent procedures mean your generosity will make the most difference.
  4. Connect with your cause – We will update you about the difference your giving is making in Norfolk.
  5. Get a funding boost – As a registered charity, we can usually increase your donations by 25% through Gift Aid.

Choose a cause, mobilise your mob, and make a difference!

Set yourself a challenge

Set yourself a goal and inspire your friends, family, colleagues and community to support a cause you’re passionate about!

Not only will you raise funds for community causes in Norfolk and help raise the profile of the big issues affecting our county, but you’ll get a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction, too!

During the pandemic, people across Norfolk set themselves challenges to raise money for frontline charities supporting those who needed it most. Their passion and inspiring efforts led to vital support for local community groups, and the colossal sum that they helped raise ensured communities could continue to thrive during the darkest days of lockdown and helped to aid their recovery once the lockdowns lifted. Their dedication and drive is testament to what can be achieved when we mobilise to inspire others.

Whether you’re running a marathon, taking on a cycling challenge, doing a sponsored silence, parachuting from a plane or something else entirely, we want to ensure your hard work translates into real impact for community groups in Norfolk. If you want to learn more about fundraising for one of our key initiatives or supporting one of our other funds, contact Sara Herschel-Shorland at 01603 623958 or email her at

You can also take a look at our fundraising pack via the link below.

Set your team a challenge

Many hands make light work, so why not bring your team on board to make a bigger impact?

Raising funds with colleagues and friends is not only fun, but brings a bigger boost to your fundraising total by spreading the work across everyone’s networks. Norfolk has a special way of coming together to support Norfolk, and fundraising as a group is a great way to capture that spirit!

This year, Chestnut Hospitality rode all over the East of England on a mammoth 500km over 4 days, stopping at 15 of the company’s pubs along the way! Their efforts netted a brilliant £21,000 for the Nourishing Norfolk initiative, ensuring no one in Norfolk goes hungry.

Nic from Charles Burrell Centre, Ben and Tori from Chestnut Group and Judy from Norfolk Community Foundation stand outside holding a big cheque for £21,000

Ben and Tori from Chestnut Group present Judy from Norfolk Community Foundation and Nic from The Charles Burrell Centre with a cheque for £21,000

If your team want to do something great for Norfolk, get in touch with Sara Herschell-Shorland at 01603 623958 or email her at

Fundraise at your event

Events like balls, galas and concerts are an opportunity not only to celebrate and enjoy a magical evening, but also to raise funds for local causes that make a difference.

Blake hold a concert each year to raise funds to support mental health in Norfolk. They decided to channel the generosity they inspired to the Rose Berney Memorial Fund, which in turn has supported our work around our Sir Norman Lamb Fund Mental Health and Wellbeing fund, one of our key initiatives, and local charity YANA. Similarly, the local office of Handelsbanken hold special events for their staff and wider community each year to raise money for their mental health fund. At their most recent ball, they raised £40,000 that has helped many local organisations improve the mental health and wellbeing of people living in Norfolk through providing counselling and opportunities for youth drop-in work.

We can also work more closely to do something huge, just like we have with the Norfolk Superhero! The quadrathlon raised thousands for the Nourishing Norfolk initiative, helping ensure no one in Norfolk goes hungry. By assisting with this key initiative, the Superheroes will have a lasting impact on a programme transforming lives in Norfolk. We worked closely with the Superheroes so they could meet the groups that their hard work would support.

Norfolk Superhero speak to Christina at the Fakenham Food Fellowship to understand more about how their community supermarket works.

If you’re planning a really big fundraiser, speak to Sara Herschell-Shorland at 01603 623958 or email her at

J P Blanch stands in front of a building

Remember a loved one

Rather than sending flowers, people are increasingly choosing to raise funds for good causes in their communities.

A funeral service can be an important moment to come together with friends and family to celebrate someone’s life. If you’d like to ask for donations to Norfolk Community Foundation’s key initiatives or funds, you can set up an online funeral collection through us or request collection envelopes to use at the service.

Joanne Dale can help work out what’s best for you. Please phone her at 01603 623958 or send her an email on

Four men in a boat. Three are rowing and one is taking the picture as a selfie. All wear shirts in sports material. The boat is small and white.

The Big Oardeal

James Bracey and his team rowed across the Atlantic, raising £25,000 for Norfolk Community Foundation.

Taking part in the World’s Toughest Row, the team rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. Starting from San Sebastián de La Gomera in the Canary Islands, they rowed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and completed their journey in Antigua in 41 days. They rowed an estimated 1.5 million strokes, burnt over 5,000 calories a day, and faced waves up to 30 feet high!

James pointed out that fewer people have rowed the Atlantic than have climbed Mount Everest, saying that “it’s nice that there are still some things in the world that not many people have done, but actually you don’t have to be a super duper athlete to do it. You can if you put your mind to these things. If you’ve got some great people around, you can do it.”