Applying to Norfolk ProHelp

Do you have a project you’d like support for from a professional network of businesses that includes law firms, accountants, surveyors, architects and digital agencies?

Who can apply for help

Norfolk ProHelp can support community organisations and charities that:

  • Have a track record of working within the local community
  • Are based in Norfolk, or clearly benefiting people in the county
  • Are unable to pay for professional services

Norfolk ProHelp can also help new organisations that need assistance to put in place structures that will enable them to deliver their work successfully, and secure funding.  This may include help with charity registration, development of relevant policies and assistance to present annual accounts.

Projects should be one-off, discrete pieces of work, rather than an ongoing requirement for support. So, for example, we can provide advice on the development of a marketing strategy, but not provide ongoing marketing support.

Conditions of support

ProHelp members undertake projects with the guiding principle that the work is carried out free of charge, but will be treated no differently to an instruction from a fee-paying client. ProHelp doesn’t give out grants.

Any support provided by members is given through the goodwill of the companies and their staff on a voluntary basis. As such, they set a limit on the amount of time they can offer any one project and sometimes may have to turn projects down if they do not have capacity at that time.

How to apply

To apply for support, please complete the enquiry form below, outlining the specific exercise/project which you would like support for (including any deadlines or key dates). You can also contact the team by calling 01603 623958 or emailing to discuss the project.


Enquiry Form

Thank you for your enquiry, we will contact you ASAP