ProHelp + Wrongs Covert

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ProHelp + Wrongs Covert

Wrongs Covert is an ancient woodland site covering 25 acres along the River Wensum, nurtured and preserved by a Woodland Restoration group formed in 2017.

As a working farm woodland, they have developed opportunities for visits by young people not currently in mainstream education, and host workshops and study days for groups and organisations caring for young people with special needs.

The group set up a website with support from Norfolk ProHelp member Phase Three Goods, and received further support to fulfil the accountancy requirements as a registered Community Interest Company from Lovewell Blake Chartered Accountants. This not only gave Wrongs Covert a functional, professional website in order to attract more visitors, but also established the organisation as a Community Interest Company, opening their options in future for greater public benefit.

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Lovewell Blake

Rebecca Frost, wearing green glasses and a pink top

“Katherine came in to see me on 11 November, and I was able to clarify for her what was required in relation to filing annual CIC accounts and what the deadlines/ timescales were. The accounts were due for filing by the end of November! So we were able to prepare and submit these on an honorary basis to ensure that they didn’t incur a filing penalty for the years accounts. They had already incurred a filing penalty for the previous year’s accounts so this would have been significant.

Ongoing they have signed up as a client and we will shortly be dealing with any requirements for returns with HMRC on their behalf.”

Rebecca Frost, Assistant Manager for Lovewell Blake LLP