From visitors to Advocates: 10 Tips to Improve Your Website

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Check our Rechenda’s effervescent webinar below…

A charity website has many jobs to do. It is the window into your organisation, and needs to appeal to donors, volunteers, trustees, service users and funders alike. But if people are visiting but not donating, signing up to volunteer or downloading info packs, you may have some work to do! In this quick video, recorded live by Rechenda Smith from Nurture Marketing, you will learn how to transform your website into a charity lead capture channel by turning visitors into advocates.

Nurture Marketing provides marketing & business development workshops, marketing support services and marketing training to businesses in East Anglia. Rechenda delivers mighty marketing solutions to companies ready to get organised and go to the next level.

The October webinar was a big success, with one participant remarking that it was an:

“all-round brilliant presentation about something I didn’t know anything about.”

Another said that it has inspired them to “re-do [their] website that is rather dated!”