Together for Women and Girls

Help our women and girls take positive steps towards empowerment and opportunity. Together, we challenge inequality, abuse, exploitation and disadvantage in the home, the workplace and the wider community.

We recognise that while many women and girls are able to live safe and enriched lives in our county, this is not the case for everyone. This year, we are working with communities across Norfolk to build a better picture of what life is like for women and girls in Norfolk. Through the Together for Women and Girls programme, we are supporting community groups to carry out research into the hopes and challenges of the women and girls they work with. We are rebuilding our Together for Women and Girls Fund to make sure all women and girls in our county are able to live fulfilled lives, helping Norfolk to Shine Brighter.

Four women stand in a row in front of a counter at The Feed Social Supermarket Cafe. Left to right: Andrea, Lizzie, Laura, Izzy.
Andrea, manager at The Feed, with Lizzi, Laura and Izzy from Norfolk Community Foundation
A copy of the Together for Women and Girls Community Consultation report sits on a table.

On International Women’s Day, we launched a survey that over 300 Norfolk women and girls responded to, telling us about their experiences – both positive and negative.

We also launched a focus group fund, allowing us to work with community organisations to drill down into the experiences of Norfolk women in a safe, female-only environment where trust meant that conversations flowed naturally and honestly. Over 100 women participated in this activity. We were delighted by the positive response to our survey and focus group funding and by the richness of the insight that has emerged from this research.

From this information, we produced a 27-page report analysing the survey data and focus group feedback, revealing what is is like for women and girls in Norfolk today. Not only will this report inform our grant funding, but we hope that it also provides a robust base for creating systems change at a countywide level.

“While many women and girls in Norfolk do enjoy freedom of choice and the opportunity for success, that is not true for all. Sadly, there is a shortage of funds for addressing the greatest need.”

Claire Cullens, Chief Executive, Norfolk Community Foundation

Help change lives today

Together for Women and Girls brings together people who care about making a difference for women and girls in Norfolk.

The Norfolk Community Foundation team. Laura, Sharon, Tessa, Joanne, Karen, Corrie, Sophie and Lizzi.

If you are an individual wanting to support these efforts, please consider a contribution to the Together for Women and Girls Fund where even modest donations will help make a difference. Donations can be made by completing the donation form on the page, by calling 01603 623958 to make a card payment over the phone or by sending a cheque made payable to Norfolk Community Foundation (referencing ‘Together for Women and Girls’ on the reverse) to Norfolk Community Foundation, 1st Floor, Carmelite House, 2 St James Court, Norwich, NR3 1SL.

If you are an organisation wanting to demonstrate to your staff and clients that your are taking positive action to support women in Norfolk, click here to find out how you can become a corporate member.