We are a Norfolk based, registered charity that matches generous people to important community causes so that together, we can change the world on our doorstep.

Norfolk Community Foundation is part of a worldwide charitable network and one of 46 Community Foundations within the UK. We work together to share our learning and provide a structure for government, grant funders and organisations wanting to have an impact across the UK.

How we work

The Community Foundation is a trusted and expert advisor on giving, philanthropy and funding that makes a difference across Norfolk. Our work involves:

  • Giving and philanthropy: helping anyone to become a philanthropist by starting a fund with us or giving collectively alongside like-minded people.
  • Funding and support: funding and supporting effective voluntary groups and talented people through the money we receive from our donors and partners.
  • Knowledge and leadership: using our expertise and reach to benefit local communities by shining a light on vital issues, and working with others to make change happen.

In the last 12 months alone, thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Foundation has been able to deliver grant funding of over £3 million to Norfolk charities to support our key strategic initiatives:

  • Supporting vulnerable people – tackling disadvantage and inequality in our communities.
  • Stronger communities – supporting the people, places and spaces that help communities thrive and grow.
  • Unlocking potential – helping people to develop their skills, move towards employment and take up opportunities to enrich their lives.

Together, Norfolk shines brighter