About Us


Norfolk Community Foundation is part of a worldwide charitable network of community foundations. We aim to build a stronger community in Norfolk by making it easier to give to address the real needs that exist in our communities.

In the last 12 months alone, thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Foundation has been able to deliver grant funding of almost £3million to support a wide range of community projects – helping to make Norfolk a better place for everyone.

For Donors

We make it easier and more satisfying for individuals and companies wishing to support community projects in their area by managing charitable funds set up on their behalf and in accordance with their wishes. We make giving simple, safe, tax efficient and cost effective. We make philanthropy affordable, easy to manage and as visible or anonymous as each donor requires.

For Grant Seekers

Applying for a grant from Norfolk Community Foundation is easy. We offer free advice and guidance. We seek to make grants that will make a difference and address real need in Norfolk.

For our community

Norfolk Community Foundation holds long term invested funds set up by our donors that will help the community for years to come. You can nominate NCF to receive a legacy that will be held in your name forever. We are committed to giving our donors the best possible service and funding projects that will really make a difference.

Confidence in transparency

We view corporate governance as one of our most important responsibilities.  Public confidence in the transparency and accountability of the work of charities has never been more important. Our promise to you is that, whatever the size and nature of your investment in our work, you can be sure it is going straight to where it is needed and will do the most good.