Good for Good

Good goes around.

Kevin Keable, Good for Good Ambassador

This Thursday, Norfolk Community Foundation officially launched ‘Good for Good’, a groundbreaking programme making it easier for local businesses to achieve greater social impact.

The launch event, sponsored by Norse Group, Borne, Jarrolds and Larking Gowen, was attended by over 60 local businesses, underscoring our local business community’s commitment to creating lasting positive change. Claire Cullens, Chief Executive of Norfolk Community Foundation, said:

“We have just entered our 20th year as a Community Foundation, and in that time we have learnt what local communities and the charities that support them really need. We have always understood the importance of partnerships and have enjoyed the support of various businesses, which have been instrumental in our success. Good for Good is a natural extension of our ongoing partnerships with local businesses committed to making a difference.”
Evie Witte from Nelsonspirit speaks to Sophie Berry

Sophie Berry, who leads the programme, said:

“What we’ve learned is that businesses are eager to get started on fulfilling their ESG commitments, but they need a solution that is both time-efficient and minimally disruptive to their daily operations. Our new initiative offers a straightforward way for businesses to engage with local communities, generate lasting social impact and be able to show it. Good for Good helps businesses contribute in targeted ways like volunteering time, providing assets, and offering funding—exactly what charities need most.”

The programme will focus businesses’ energy and impact on areas where it will make the most difference, ensuring meaningful support reaches charities that will meet emerging needs in our county. Good for Good offers a way for businesses to support causes close to their hearts and achieve more by coordinating their efforts through Norfolk Community Foundation.

Ed Savoury, Trustee of Norfolk Community Foundation and Partner at Birketts, spoke about the impact that Birketts have had by working with the foundation:

“I think every business in our region has that responsibility for CSR and it’s an absolute no-brainer to work more closely with the Norfolk Community Foundation to maximise your positive impact on local communities. It’s not whether you’re doing enough but could you do more and if the answer is yes – and I guarantee you the answer will be yes – the Norfolk Community Foundation is part of it. Put your trust in them and you will not look back.”

Birketts have provided almost £1million-worth of support to Norfolk communities since 2006:

  • £285,000 of funding to local charities through a bespoke fund.
  • Started an endowment fund – which is now worth £170,000 – and has generated £70,000 of community investment to date.
  • £3,000 of pro bono support given through Norfolk ProHelp, plus £1,250 of other pro bono work.
  • Donations and legacies received totalling over £430,000.
  • Sponsorships and direct donations totalling over £28,000.
  • Their Charitable Trustee webinar attracted 250 attendees.
Jarrolds donated space for the launch

Norfolk Community Foundation is connected to over 2,000 voluntary sector organisations and over 100 local businesses, giving us real-time knowledge of the most pressing needs in our community and the ways businesses can help to meet them.

Good for Good offers a structured, impactful way for businesses to align their social responsibility efforts with local needs. Now is the time to join Good for Good and be a part of this inspiring movement. Together, we can ensure that good truly goes around, driving positive change and strengthening our community. Contact Sophie Berry today to learn how your business can get involved and make a difference. Let’s create a brighter future for Norfolk, one good deed at a time.

Thank you to our Good for Good sponsors:

[Published 06.06.2024]