Civic Appeal Raises £28k

A group of people stand outside Norwich City Hall. The Lord Mayor and Sheriff stand at the front of the group.

This year’s Civic Charity Appeal raised £28,667 for our Nourishing Norfolk programme.

Sheriff Jan Sheldon and Lord Mayor James Wright chose to support the Nourishing Norfolk programme as the recipient of the Civic Charity Appeal 2023/4. They went above and beyond to raise funds for the Norfolk Community Foundation’s Nourishing Norfolk programme throughout the course of the year. Their efforts have brought the Norwich community together through a variety of engaging events, all aimed at supporting this vital and timely cause. We took a look back at the highlights of their fundraising activities throughout the year.

Lord Mayor’s Weekend

The Civic year kicked off with the much-anticipated Lord Mayor’s Weekend, a celebration that saw Norwich come alive with festivities. The parade was the highlight of the event, and we loved marching alongside the Norwich food hubs in the procession alongside. The weekend’s festivities celebrated community while also raising significant funds for Nourishing Norfolk, setting a positive tone for the year ahead.

The Sheriff and Lord Mayor of Norwich with the Nourishing Norfolk float at the Lord Mayor's Processions
The Mayor at Eaton Park Miniature Railway
The Duck Race

Next on the calendar was the ever-popular Duck Race! Held on the River Wensum, hundreds of brightly coloured rubber ducks were released into the water, each sponsored by a community member. Spectators lined the riverbanks to cheer on their chosen ducks as they raced towards the finish line.

Miniature Railway Fundraiser

This event was certainly a highlight for Lord Mayor James Wright, who took immense pleasure in riding the model railway while also helping raise funds for the Nourishing Norfolk programme. Families gathered in Eaton Park to take a ride on the miniature railway. We were pleased to be able to go along to talk to people about Nourishing Norfolk programme, and how it can benefit people in the community.

Delegation of Sheriffs

Sheriff Jan Sheldon hosted Sheriffs from all over the country in October, welcoming them to the Fine City. During a reception dinner, the Sheriff took the time to talk about the Nourishing Norfolk programme, and convinced delegates to donate to our cause.

Nourishing Norfolk Awards with Delia Smith

The culmination of the year’s fundraising efforts was marked by the first-ever Nourishing Norfolk Awards, an event graced by the presence of culinary legend Delia Smith. Held to celebrate and recognise the outstanding contributions of charities and businesses to the programme, the awards night was a glittering affair which also underscored the importance of the Nourishing Norfolk programme.

We give our thanks once again to the Lord Mayor and the Sheriff of Norwich, who have made a substantial impact on the Norfolk Community Foundation’s Nourishing Norfolk programme this year. Their dedication and the community’s enthusiastic participation have ensured that vital support continues to reach those in need. Fundraisers like these are essential to help ensure we can fuel our mission. Find out more here.

Simon and Helen receive their award from Delia
The crest of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriff of Norwich. Mayors crest featres a red sheild held by two angels. The shield has a picture of a lion and a castle on it. The Mayor's crest features a lion over a castle.

Norfolk Community Foundation was delighted to be the Civic Charity of the Year. For more information, please go to the Norwich City Council website.

[Published 24.06.24]