How can we publicise our grant?

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Create some buzz around your new grant

Shouting about your grant is great for you, and good for us too!

This guide will walk you through how to publicise your grant step-by-step:

  1. Creating a press release for local newspapers and magazines
  2. Creating social media posts
  3. Using our logos

It is also an opportunity to express your thanks to Norfolk Community Foundation, and all the people behind the funding that has made your grant possible.

Where a logo exists for the specific Fund that awarded your grant, this will also be supplied to you, and should be used alongside the ‘Supported by NCF’ logo.

You will find the name of the Fund that awarded your grant in your Funding Agreement – you should use the following wording to acknowledge your grant: ‘supported by Norfolk Community Foundation through (name of Fund)’.

Intergenerational family play with maracas together. Text reads Thank you Supported by Norfolk Community Foundation
Keep reading to learn how to make graphics like this

1. Press Release

Local newspapers and parish magazines can be good ways to get the word out about your new grant.

A short and simple press release is all you need. You can download a template press release from the downloads section at the bottom of this page. Personalise with your project details to let news outlets where you are know about your amazing project and the fund that made it possible. Try to include an image too, this will really help to spark interest!

If you need any additional support we will be happy to help. Please let us know if you are planning to send out a press release. We will be happy to check the details for you, and direct you to some publications in your area.

Newspaper on a desk. The headline rease 'press release'
Get the word out to people near you with a press release

2. Social media

Text on a light blue background that reads; A big thank you to the Norfolk Community Foundation
Square ‘Thank You’ Post
Text on navy background that reads; Thank you! Supported by Norfolk Community Foundation
Rectangle ‘Thank You’ Post

Social media is a great, easy way to promote your work. To save you time, we have put together a selection of pre-made images and posts, which are available in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Use the “Pre-made square ‘Thank You’” images for Instagram, and the “Pre-made rectangle ‘Thank You’” images for everything else. Examples of posts you could use alongside the images can also be found in the downloads section, under “Social Media Posts Template” – just copy and paste!


If you want to write your own posts, please remember to:

  • Tell your followers what grant you received, and where it came from. i.e. ‘supported by Norfolk Community Foundation through (name of Fund)’
  • Tell everyone what you’re going to do AND how your community will benefit.
  • Mention us to let us know you’ve posted. To mention us, use @NorfolkCF for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and use @Norfolk Community Foundation on LinkedIn.
  • Use our hashtags: #ShineBrighter and #NorfolkCF

If you want to use your own images (or videos), please use the guide and tutorial below.


Using Canva templates

We have created two Canva templates so you can create graphics of your own images with the Norfolk Community Foundation logo. These can be combined with our suggested posts, or you can write your own.

Take a look at this short tutorial to find out how.

Canva is an easy-to-use, free online software that lets you create professional custom graphics. If you are a not-for-profit business or charity, you can use premium features for free.

Canva Tutorial

3. Using logos

It is a condition of your grant that you use our correct logo on all the materials relevant to your funded project – that may be in print, on your website or on social media. Our logos can be downloaded in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

You may also receive a logo for the specific Fund that awarded your grant – if a Fund logo is available, please use this alongside NCF’s logo to acknowledge your grant.

Please do:

  • Make sure the logos are legible. Minimum use 15mm across, but ideally at least 35mm across
  • Ensure all logos are the same size
  • Use dark coloured logos on light backgrounds and light coloured logos on dark backgrounds
  • Ask us if you need help

Please do not:

  • Change the colour of the logos provided
  • Skew, distort, or otherwise change the appearance of the logo
  • Use background colours that make the logo hard to read
Diagram explaining proper logo use
A guide to using our logo


Text on orange background that reads; A big thank you to the Norfolk Community Foundation

Pre-made square ‘Thank you’

Text on magenta background that reads; A big thank you to the Norfolk Community Foundation

Pre-made rectangle ‘Thank you’


Template Social Media Posts

Text on white background that reads; supported by Norfolk Community Foundation

Norfolk Community Foundation Logos

Folded newspaper on putple background. Newspaper reads 'press release'

Template Press Release