James Bagge, founder of the Walking4Norfolk movement, highlights some unsung heroes in our community:

They are essential workers.

They are unpaid

They never have a break

They don’t get clapped

Their cause is not championed by the media

Their responsibilities will endure even after lockdown

They are school children upon whom huge responsibilities devolve which they fulfil with love and devotion

They are the Young Carers

They ask for nothing but they need support

They need your recognition

Go to www.walking4norfolk.com and

Hit the Donate button

£10 or less will mean a lot

James Bagge

James set up Walking4Norfolk in 2018, inspired by the 100,000 unpaid carers in Norfolk who provide unpaid support to ill, older or disabled family members, friends or partners. These unsung heroes are thought to save local authority and NHS services in Norfolk £500 million a year, but they face many challenges and can become isolated without support.

Can you help make a difference to young carers’ lives in Norfolk? Take a look at the Walking4Norfolk website and find out how.