Radio 4 spotlights Nourishing Norfolk

It’s official: Norfolk is innovative, leading the way with a community response that’s changing lives.

We’re delighted to have recently partnered with Radio 4’s Food Programme and national food icon Delia Smith to take to a national stage the story of our Nourishing Norfolk programme and highlight the work happening in our local communities to ensure no one in Norfolk goes hungry.

Presenter Shelia Dillon and producer Natalie Donovan explore every aspect of the initiative, from the people struggling to feed themselves and their families due to the cost of living crisis to companies like Norse Group Limited who are supporting the logistics of the programme. Radio 4 also spoke to charities working in partnership with the food programme, like Simon from Coastal Health and Wellbeing and Heidi from The Pantry, Kenninghall to find out more about how they are supporting their communities through the programme.

“Nourishing Norfolk is an amazing example of community in action, supporting 22,000 to access affordable food through a network of food hubs in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Norfolk. These food hubs allow people to shop with dignity, giving food at a price they can afford. It allows them to choose the food they want to eat and encourages people to try fresh, local in season products so that cooking might become a pleasure and not a worry about how you can provide for your family.”

Delia Smith

Published: 05/03/2024