Nourishing Norfolk

The Story So Far

People stand in high vis vests in a warehouse. In front of them is a trolley full of food stacked in pink crates.

A new report shines a light on how communities are ensuring no one in Norfolk goes hungry

Nourishing Norfolk is an innovative response to providing lower-cost food for people struggling to make ends meet.

We are entering the third year of our trailblazing Nourishing Norfolk initiative, and have made significant progress towards our goal of ensuring no one in Norfolk goes hungry. We will soon see our 25th food hub open, bringing affordable food and support to prevent people reaching a crisis where there’s nothing in the cupboard. This progress would not have been possible without the collaboration of our valued partners, who have contributed their expertise and resources to the initiative. This new report highlights the accomplishments of the past few years and celebrates the ways in which our partners have helped us to achieve them.

Building on what we learnt from our pilot food hub, The Burrell Store, we have rolled out our programme of support across Norfolk, opening dozens more affordable food hubs. We helped charities develop a local food hub by connecting with local and national food suppliers to develop low-cost food offers for communities who are struggling. The tapestry of food hubs reflects the uniqueness of Norfolk’s communities, from supermarkets in an urban setting to mobile busses that connect isolated communities with affordable food. People struggling with the cost of living can routinely save around 40% off their average weekly shop through using their local food hub, and can also access local support such as money advice, cookery classes, or employment support.

From ingenious fundraisers to transformative partnerships, take a look at how Norfolk has come together to support those who need it most. Read first-hand accounts of those most affected by the cost of living crisis, and those who are on the frontlines supporting local people.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about how the Nourishing Norfolk programme works. From where the food comes from and who can use the hubs, to what’s the difference between a food hub and a food bank. Claire, Tori, Billie and Lizzi have answered your questions in informative videos.