Nourishing Norfolk Growers Launched

A new initiative aims to cultivate community while combatting hunger

Norfolk Community Foundation is calling upon passionate allotment holders, gardeners, farmers and anyone with green fingers to share passion for quality, locally-grown vegetables and fruit with their community.

We have created a new programme, called Nourishing Norfolk Growers, to encourage people who are keen to share their healthy, home-grown food to join the fight against the cost of living crisis in their communities.

Our region supplies 33% of England’s edible crops, and many people here want to enjoy the top-quality food we grow. There are people in Norfolk’s cities, towns and villages, however, who struggle to access healthy, fresh produce due to the cost-of-living crisis. Over the past two years, 24 Nourishing Norfolk food hubs have emerged across the county. While food banks offer emergency support, these food hubs help people to get healthy food on their tables under their own steam, allowing them to shop on a budget with dignity. Providing food hubs with fresh fruit and vegetables is crucial but it is challenging for them to source fresh produce affordably, locally and seasonally.

Video: Kerianna talks about growing food for her local food hub

With this in mind, we are appealing for local communities to come together to ensure no one in Norfolk goes hungry. We are urging growers to donate fresh produce to their local food hub, whether this is on a regular basis to provide consistent nourishment to those in need or as a one-off donation of surplus to help prevent food waste. Thanks to a partnership with Notcutts garden centres, those interested in growing food more regularly for their community can collect free seeds from their local food hub to grow food now to donate later.

We would also like to see Allotment Holder Associations, community gardening groups and farmers with a passion for growing and eating fresh produce talking to their local food hubs to learn more about the amazing work that goes on there and to find out more about how they could help.

Could you help your community by…


  • Donating surplus vegetables and fruit to stop it going to waste?
  • Growing extra produce with FREE seeds from your local food hub?
  • Collecting donations from your allotment in one of our pink crates?
  • Speaking to your hub about what they need and what you need?

“They’re always so joyful to see the produce and I know it’s going to be really enjoyed. That gives you the inspiration to keep going, keep growing and keep donating. I feel like it really gives me agency to be able to do something for my community.”

Kerianna Embleton, Allotment Holder, Sheringham

“Kerianna always brings amazing, amazing food. The word has spread, and other people bring stuff down as well. It’s just brilliant.”

Simon Fenn, Community Manager at Sheringham Salvation Army

“This programme isn’t just ensuring that everyone has access to nutritious food regardless of their circumstances. It’s about linking communities to food’s origin and cultivation – from field to fork. It’s about embracing seasonality, recognizing raw ingredients, and sharing a passion for fresh, home-grown produce. We hope that the programme can help accomplish this, and we’re eager to engage with growers of all sizes.”

Victoria Lewis, Food Strategy Development Manager at Norfolk Community Foundation

Notcutts garden centre are generously providing free seeds to food hubs across the Nourishing Norfolk Network. Those who would like to ‘grow an extra row’ for their community can pick up seeds from their local food hub.

“Notcutts Norwich is proud to partner with Nourishing Norfolk – we know the important role that good nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle, and how this can be achieved through growing your own fruit and vegetables. By supporting community growers to grow their own vegetables, local communities will really benefit from this amazing initiative”

Darren Brooks, General Manager of Notcutts
Notcutts logo. An illustration of a green ball of flowers and leaves sits over 'Notcutts: Garden Inspiration since 1897'

Individuals interested in becoming Nourishing Norfolk growers or seeking further information are encouraged to contact their local food hub:

[Published: 04.2024]