The Fund will support projects proposed by groups inspired to do something new and positive in their community.

Outline proposals can be submitted at any time while the Fund is open.

Projects should focus on one or more of the following objectives:

  • To contribute to reducing climate change.
  • To assist the sustainability of North Norfolk communities by stimulating their own ability to solve issues and create opportunities, for example by providing educational or community business facilities.
  • To have a marine environment or marine safety focus.
  • To promote environmental sensitivity, sustainability or the benefits of renewable energy.
  • To contribute to education or employment in the renewable energy industry or related arenas through access to courses and community activities.

The Fund aims to award half of the funding to Wells-next-the-Sea and the surrounding area with the remaining funds being available to the wider North Norfolk area. The Fund has not set an upper grant limit but as a guide the largest grant awarded to date is £25,000.

How to apply

Grants are awarded through a two stage process:

Stage 1 – Applicants complete an “outline proposal” – this can be completed at any time and you will receive a decision quickly.

Stage 2 – Selected applicants are then invited to complete a full application. We will advise you of the timescale for completing your full application and the date on which you will hear a decision. Full application decisions are normally made at meetings in April/May and October/November.

The outline proposal stage can also be used to request development funding of up to £500 if your project requires further development before it can proceed. Such funding might be used to carry out public consultation or to pay for independent advice.

You are encouraged to talk to Clive Rayner at Norfolk Community Foundation (contact details below) before starting an outline proposal.

Please note: passing the outline proposal stage does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded. You should not commit to any expenditure until you have a decision on a full application.