The Luke Day Adventure Fund has been created in memory of popular Norfolk teacher Luke Day, who inspired pupils with his spirit of adventure and encouragement to live life to the full. His legacy will be maintained through this fund, which will help students from Norfolk schools learn through new experiences and adventures in culture, music and the outdoors.

Individuals or groups keen to see the spirit of adventure continue in schools without excluding those in hardship can donate to the fund to help students benefit in the future.

Funds have been raised by supporters through a wide range of activities including sponsored walks, a triathlon, a Paris Marathon run, and a marathon cycle ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End.   To make a donation to the Luke Day Adventure Fund online contact Norfolk Community Foundation or visit

Purpose of the fund
The aim of the Luke Day Adventure Fund is to support young people in Norfolk up to the age of 18 to access outdoor, cultural and music opportunities via their schools that they may otherwise be financially excluded from.

The Luke Day Adventure Fund can offer grants of up to £500, which may

  • Contribute to the overall costs of extra curricular trips and activities, including trips abroad, to extend children’s experiences of the outdoors, culture and music.   It is expected that the grant requested will help to reduce the cost to individuals taking part. The application should explain the disadvantage faced by the students and why grant aid is needed.
  • Provide support in individual cases where a student is not able to cover the cost, in full or in part, of joining in an extra-curricular trip or activity. The school is responsible for stating the reasons why each child has been identified for this additional support. Schools can apply for financial support for more than one child per trip or activity on the same application form. Schools should provide a reference stating why each child has been identified for this additional support. References from friends and family members will not be considered.


  • The fund will not support trips and activities that are directly curriculum linked i.e. required course elements
  • Costs of activities that have taken place, or will have started before the outcome of the application is known, will not be considered
  • Funds cannot be awarded to support educational costs other than those stated. Costs such as school fees, daily travel, school uniforms, books, and any opportunities not accessed via the school will not be considered

Applications will only be accepted from schools, but can be made on behalf of disadvantaged children and young people who are facing financial exclusion from extra-curricular trips and activities.

Grants will be payable to the school. Grants will not be made direct to individuals.