Private Wealth Leaders Supper

Thank you to Howes Percival and Barratt & Cooke who have established the first Private Wealth Leaders Supper, helping to support children and young people across Norfolk.

Attendees at the supper on Wednesday 14th June are suggested to give a donation in aid of the Sir Norman Lamb Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund. Please continue to the bottom of the page to make your donation.

The Fund was established by the former Member of Parliament for North Norfolk, Sir Norman Lamb, to support community organisations in Norfolk working in mental health, learning disability and autism and focused on children, teenagers and young adults.

The Fund has brought together more than 50 Norfolk-based community organisations supporting over 10,000 young people into a like-minded coalition, providing access to shared resources and funding and training opportunities, sharing good practice, raising the profile of the work that groups do, and linking up with larger countywide and national networks. So far, the Sir Norman Lamb Coalition for Young People has enabled over £500,000 worth of support to member organisations, strengthening and enhancing existing youth work groups, helping to keep young people connected, reduce detrimental and risky behaviours (e.g. substance abuse), and provide a place of respite and sanctuary.

The Hamlet Centre

Build a brighter future for our children and young people

“Your funding has helped so many young people go from simply surviving to thriving.”

Mancroft Advice Project
ASD Helping Hands
Attendees to the Private Wealth Leaders Supper are suggested to give a donation of £50 in aid of the Sir Norman Lamb Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund.

Published on: 13th April 2023