Opportunities4 Communities

piles of books, the spines are away from the viewer.

Francis Darrah’s Office Equipment

Chartered Surveyors Francis Darrah had an office clear out after lockdown and ended up with many spare filing cabinets and box files. These items were destined for landfill, but instead were listed on Opportunities4Communities. The cabinets were quickly snapped up by The Purfleet Trust, a Kings Lynn-based charity committed to helping the homeless. The charity collected the items, providing useful storage to the charity while clearing space in the Francis Darrah office.

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Since launching in March 2021, Opportunities4Communities has connected dozens of offers of help from businesses, service providers, organisations and individuals with charities who desperately need help.

Opportunities4Communities is a members-only Facebook group where businesses and charities come together to support the most vulnerable and needy in their communities. Rather than focusing on funding and finances, the page puts collaboration and in-kind assistance at the forefront of community action. Businesses are invited to offer their services – whether this be excess product, training or resources – free-of-charge to charities in Norfolk. Likewise, if charities have need of something – such as graphic design work, a new premises or even a new trustee – they can ask for it via the page. This approach seeks to pair charities with relevant individuals and business partners to achieve their aims, rather than relying solely on financial resources.

During the lockdowns, the page had offers of PPE and mental wellbeing magazines, along with mental health first aid courses and laptop computers. With things opening up more recently, offers such as a pool table, office furniture and health and safety training have been trickling in. Charities have been keen to take advantage of these generous offers, stocking up on essential items such as masks and computers, as well as guidance and advice.