How your donations to the Surviving Winter appeal are helping vulnerable people keep warm

Thanks to funds raised by the Surviving Winter appeal so far this winter, local people who find themselves vulnerable and unable to heat their homes are being helped to keep warm and well, with the aim of preventing them from falling into crisis.

Our appeal is taking action to ensure vulnerable people across Norfolk receive the support that they need to get through the cold winter months. This includes helping vulnerable people with fuel costs so they can keep warm, provided both via local foodbanks and through local charity Age UK Norfolk.

How your donations are making a difference

An older recipient received help with their fuel costs after finding themselves with a broken boiler, leaving them without heating and hot water, and with a lengthy wait for a replacement. “It was so very cold and with laryngitis and a difficult situation financially, I was at my wits’ end.” The fuel grant has helped them to buy some portable heaters for the main rooms and helped with the cost of running these, provided warm clothing, and help with local laundry costs for washing and drying essentials. “Without the fuel grant I dread to think what would have happened.”

Another older couple were living in a single-glazed property only partially heated with storage heaters. One of them was coping with COPD, recurring chest infections and mobility problems, so it was essential for them to keep warm. Help with their heating costs has been a “lifesaver”, with the alternative being that they would have had to choose to cope without heating altogether or be in severe financial hardship.

A single mum working part time has received help with fuel costs via her local foodbank, and says it’s been amazing to be able to put the heating on a little more than normal. She described it as a treat. She doesn’t have the heating on when she’s at home on her own in the day, using a hot water bottle and a scarf to get by. She turns the heating on half an hour before her children get home from school and leaves it on for an hour. She is extremely grateful for the help and says she’s gone days without heating in the past.

How you can help

The Surviving Winter appeal needs urgent help to continue to help those who find themselves vulnerable and unable to heat their homes this winter. Every penny donated will go directly to local charities to enable them to provide essential help to some of the most vulnerable people in Norfolk.

You can donate online, or alternatively please make your cheque payable to Norfolk Community Foundation (referencing Surviving Winter) and send it to Norfolk Community Foundation, St. James Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich, NR3 1TN, or telephone the Foundation on 01603 623958.

Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to local lives.