We are delighted to share our new report ‘Combatting Digital Exclusion: Leaving no child behind’ showing the impact of Norfolk Community Foundation’s work to tackle the digital crisis faced by children and young people across Norfolk during the Covid pandemic.

The report highlights the power of working together to get help delivered to where it’s needed most – from getting every child online to plugging the gap – ensuring that no child has been left behind in their online learning.

Click here to read the report online.

In January 2021, as the UK settled into another lockdown, the majority of children and young people were expected to learn from home. It’s hard enough to study alone, without the face-to-face support of a teacher and your friends around you. But it is impossible if you don’t have the right technology. It quickly became clear to us that hundreds of Norfolk children were at a major disadvantage because they didn’t have access to a suitable computer or the connectivity required to fully access online lessons.

We knew we had to do something, and we had to act fast.

Every day of learning lost was another hurdle to climb for our children and young people. By combining our resources, energy and skills, Norfolk Community Foundation, Norfolk County Council and our partners and business supporters were able to deliver vital technology to families when it was needed. What we can achieve for Norfolk when we work together is nothing short of amazing!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Every Child Online and Plug the Gap appeals, helping us make a difference to the lives of families across Norfolk.