Claire Cullens Awarded an MBE

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Claire Cullens, has been awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her outstanding contributions to the Norfolk community. This prestigious honour is in recognition of Claire’s tireless dedication and commitment to making Norfolk a better place for all.

For 7 years, Claire has led the Foundation to meet immediate needs in our communities and to create lasting, positive change that has improved the lives of individuals. From supporting young people’s mental health and enhancing our environment to building skills for all and fostering inclusive, connected communities, the Foundation has continued to develop and grow.

Claire’s MBE is not just a personal accolade; it recognises the transformative work of the Foundation and our supportive network of partners. It highlights the power of collaboration and the significant impact we can achieve when we come together.

Claire expressed her gratitude upon receiving the award, stating, “I am enormously proud to receive this honour in recognition of the work of the Norfolk Community Foundation.

We play a vital role in building resilient communities so everyone can lead a better life. Responding to the global pandemic and, more recently, the cost-of-living crisis has been a challenge for us all, but we continue to be inspired by the passion and energy of our local communities and the care Norfolk people have for each other.

There is still so much more we can do together. As well as thanking all of those who have partnered with us so far, we welcome anyone who would like to join us to create a brighter Norfolk for all.”

As we celebrate this achievement, we are more motivated than ever to continue our work. Harnessing the knowledge, insight, and energy of our community, we are focusing our 2024 activities on:

  • Supporting young people’s mental health
  • Enhancing our environment
  • Building skills for all
  • Creating inclusive and connected communities
  • Building healthier communities through food

Claire’s recognition inspires us all. We invite you to join us in congratulating Claire on this accolade and encourage you to join our mission to empower local people to take grassroots action and make a difference where it is needed most.

Congratulations, Claire, on this well-deserved honour. We are proud to have you leading the way.

With gratitude,