The Charities Aid Foundation has recently published its updated report on UK Giving in 2019. It provides a fascinating insight into patterns of philanthropy.

The key findings in the report were:

  • The total amount given to charity was £10.1 billion, broadly similar to the figure for the previous year – however, this was driven by fewer people giving more
  • The number of people who gave to charity either via donations or by sponsoring someone decreased from the previous year
  • November and December were the peak months for donations to charity
  • 64% of people surveyed indicated that they had taken part in charitable activities in 2018
  • The most common ways of being asked to donate were on the street, door to door and via direct mail
  • The top causes donated to in 2018 were ‘children/young people’ and ‘animal welfare’
  • Trust in charity remains an issue with no movement since 2016, with 48% saying that they believed charities to be trustworthy.

Source: CAF UK Giving 2019: An Overview of Charitable Giving in the UK