Norfolk Community Foundation is delighted to announce that 2020 is off to a flying start as we’ve been able to attract £500,000 of national funding into Norfolk to benefit local people and communities.

We’ll be using these funds to support the essential small charities and community groups who are working on the ground across Norfolk providing vital help to those who need it.

£300,000 has been awarded to support connecting older people across our county, with the aim of reducing loneliness and isolation and promoting wellbeing. This funding will benefit the whole of Norfolk, enabling many organisations to continue to provide vital help to older people and reduce the very real risks of loneliness, which can have such a negative effect on people’s health and wellbeing.

Organisations supported by the funding include lunch clubs and social groups, carer support groups, befriending, sport and social sessions, dementia support and reminiscence services, disability support and transport to enable older people in rural areas to attend social opportunities.

In addition, a substantial amount of additional national funding will be used to tackle homelessness across the county, with other vital funding supporting an innovative new mentoring programme to help young women achieve their goals.

Pippa May, Chief Executive at West Norfolk Befriending, one of the charities supported, said:

“This funding will enable us to reach more older people in West Norfolk that are isolated due to a physical condition, frailty or their role as an unpaid family carer. As a small organisation the funding makes a huge difference.”

Claire Cullens, CEO of Norfolk Community Foundation said:

“Being able to attract this significant national funding is brilliant news for Norfolk and shows that external funders see Norfolk Community Foundation as a local, responsive, informed partner. We know the risks and reality of rural isolation across our county and its impact on people’s health. What would happen without the lifeline support that these vital local organisations provide? It is wonderful to get such support from national partners wanting to make a difference in Norfolk and we are excited to be putting this funding into action.”