As a trusted advisor, you want to make sure your client’s best interests are taken care of and that you are working alongside other professionals who help to make this happen. As local leaders in philanthropy, we can help to shape your clients’ giving, connecting them to local causes to make the biggest difference while continuing to keep you ‘in the loop’ as you and your clients wish.

Including philanthropy in your client conversations can help to grow your business;

  • We know from feedback across our national network and within Norfolk, that offering philanthropic advice helps you to attract new clients, retain existing clients and grow opportunities. From a philanthropic perspective, we also know that people who take up professional advice, generally end up giving more to the causes they care about.
  • By connecting with your clients on their interests, aspirations, concerns and motivations, you build trust and confidence leading to a deeper, longer lasting relationship based on a shared value.
  • Introducing experts in philanthropy to your clients demonstrates the strengths of your own professional network and that you, as a business, share a desire to improve the world on your doorstep.

Why work with us?

  • We can offer your clients a range of flexible, tax efficient giving options that match their charitable aspirations for now and in the future.
  • We have unparalleled knowledge base and understanding of the needs facing Norfolk communities today and in the future, which allows us to offer impartial, informed advice.
  • We will work with your clients to help identify the causes that matter to them.
  • We care as much as you do about providing a professional service to your clients.
  • Against a backdrop of recent fears around high profile charities’ governance and financial security, we are acknowledged by the Charity Commission to have a reputation for effective management of charitable funds.

Gift shares

We have teamed with Barratt & Cooke to offer a new share gifting opportunity for people across Norfolk who own shares which they are not sure what to do with or wish to make tax efficient charitable donations. Many individuals may have inherited small parcels of shares from a relative or received shares following a company privatisation or take over. Such small amounts of shares are often difficult or even impossible to dispose of, not least due to the costs involved. Alternatively, you may have a large investment portfolio but limited liquid cash resources yet wish to make a charitable donation. Find out more about gifting shares

Dormant trusts

Are any of your clients responsible for a small charity or trust that is dormant or not achieving its full potential? Perhaps they may be finding it difficult to identify where funds will make the most impact or whether the charities funded are making the difference they would like; struggling to find new trustees, identify beneficiaries and spend their income; or simply find time to run the charity. We can help – find out how

How to get started?

No two clients are the same, so please contact us to arrange a meeting to find an appropriate way forward for your clients.

You may find a blog post by our Philanthropy Advisor of interest, which discusses how we can help target donors’ giving to the causes that they care about.

Donate your own time

Why not consider giving some of your own time to provide valuable professional advice and guidance to a local voluntary and not for profit sector organisation through Norfolk ProHelp? Find out more

Learn about the different ways to give