How do you want to be remembered and make a lasting difference?

Leaving a gift in your will to Norfolk Community Foundation will ensure that you keep on caring about the local causes that matter to you, forever.

We are well-known and trusted, with unrivalled knowledge of the local area and community issues. We only fund local organisations who make a real impact by working closely with local people who need support, so you can be confident that your gift will make a real difference to Norfolk.

No-one knows what the local issues and needs will be in the future, but we’ll be in place to understand them, and with your help today through a gift in your will, you can help support people in Norfolk who are in real need forever.

Contact us today and we’d be delighted to speak with you.

Making or updating a will does not have to be expensive or complicated. However, for peace of mind we recommend that you seek legal advice about drafting your will and the correct execution of a will or codicil.

The JP Blanch Fund was created in memory of local vintage car enthusiast James Blanch. The memory of James’ passion lives on through the support that the fund offers young disadvantaged people to train and develop skills in engineering, including the JP Blanch bursary.