Welcome to Norfolk Fund

Help support refugees settling in Norfolk after leaving their homes and livelihoods to escape conflict and disaster.

Norfolk charities have a long history of helping support migrants and refugees in our county. We know that our local charities are always front and centre as people arrive following war or natural disaster in their home countries, supporting both the short and long-term practical needs of those fleeing for their lives.

From assisting with practical arrangements such as housing to support around building local networks and communities to help make a safe and fulfilling life here in Norfolk, it is our frontline charities that step up to tackle the impact of a global issue on a local level.

People hold a Ukrainian flag outside of a community centre

“As ever, in times of crisis, there is a groundswell of people that want to do something. We saw this first-hand during the early days of the pandemic and the same spirit of solidarity is shining through today.”

Jon Everett, UK Community Foundations

Tackling a global issue on a local level

We know better than anyone what Norfolk communities can do when they come together. Their response to the invasion of Ukraine has been overwhelming with people not only fundraising, collecting, donating and protesting, but opening their hearts and their homes, all in aid of the humanitarian crisis in Europe.

From organised welcome days to English lessons, mental health support to coffee mornings, our rapid response fund ‘Supporting Ukraine in Norfolk’ helped to ensure those Ukrainians fleeing from conflict had the best possible fresh start, as Norfolk offered a safe and welcoming place to come to.

Click below to read how people across Norfolk came together in our report ‘One year on: Supporting Ukraine in Norfolk’, as well as to read some of the early stories of support as Ukrainians began to arrive in our county.

Help give refugees a warm welcome to Norfolk

There are over 30 million refugees in the world. As those numbers continue to rise, many will be coming to the UK and settling here in Norfolk having left behind jobs, belongings and loved ones. All funds raised go directly to local charities and community groups supporting refugees arriving in Norfolk, helping them to not only adapt to living in a new country, but in creating a positive new beginning and a sense of hope after being left with an uncertain future and the psychological consequences of fleeing from war and disaster.

Donations can be made by completing the donation form on the page or by sending a cheque made payable to Norfolk Community Foundation (referencing ‘Welcome to Norfolk Fund’ on the reverse) to Norfolk Community Foundation, First Floor, Carmelite House, 2 St James Court, Norwich, NR3 1SL.