The North Pickenham Windfarm Community Fund is funded by Temporis Wind and aimed at small community led organisations that are working in and involving people from the communities within a 5 kilometre radius of North Pickenham Windfarm.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis while the Fund is open.

The purpose of the Fund is to support community activity that involves local people through small community organisations, and benefits their community.  The activities must provide some measure of economic, environmental, educational, social or cultural benefit for people living in the area.

The fund has £9,000 available per year for grantmaking while the North Pickenham Windfarm is operational. Once all of the funding has been allocated for a year the fund will close and no further applications can be accepted.

Awards from the fund will not typically exceed £5,000 though a larger award may be considered for a project with clear and wide benefit to the eligible area.

Update 27 January 2020: The remaining funds have been allocated and the fund is therefore closed. It is due to be topped up next in late 2020.