We believe that sharing ideas, stories and insights is important in shaping our understanding of need in Norfolk, and helping to inspire philanthropy.


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Workforce planning – ensuring your charity is ‘fit for purpose’

23rd April 2019

While it may be a cliché, it remains true that a charity’s most important asset is its people. Without the right number of people, with the right skills, in the...

A break from the streets: Transforming people’s lives long term

9th April 2019

Here at Norfolk Community Foundation we believe that, together, we can all change the world on our doorstep. We support initiatives producing a demonstrable impact on local people’s lives, making...

What a performance! Assessing what your charity is there to deliver

29th March 2019

It’s a thorny problem. Charities needing to demonstrate that they are economic, efficient and effective and committed to supporting their beneficiaries with a sizeable proportion of their income each year....

Brief Encounters – the art of the public meeting

22nd March 2019

Many charities and community groups can find themselves in the position of having to run public meetings. This may be to gather information, listen to the views of local people...

Giving Circles – A New Way of Democratizing Charitable Giving

13th March 2019

Philanthropy is all too often rooted in the familiar and traditional concept of ‘the great and the good’ giving to ‘the needy’ and the ‘deserving causes’ they feel inclined to...

Donor story: Making a difference in Norfolk

22nd February 2019

Philanthropist Andrew Lane has been working with us over the past six years to make a real difference to the lives of people locally. Read on to hear his inspirational...

The cold winds are blowing

5th February 2019

Dr Jan Sheldon, CEO of Norwich homeless charity St Martins, one of our Surviving Winter appeal partner organisations, discusses the issue of rough sleeping and some of the ways in...

Keep well and warm this winter

18th January 2019

As the temperature plummets Lin Mathews, Head of Charitable Services at Age UK Norfolk, provides some useful tips for keeping well and warm this winter

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

12th December 2018

Every text book on the weighty subject of leadership or management will include reference to the importance of ‘strategic planning’. But what is it, and does it need to be...

Philanthrophy – easier to do than say

7th December 2018

You may already be involved in philanthropy, even if it’s not something you’ve really thought about in those terms before, as it’s about having a genuine concern for humankind and...