We believe that sharing ideas, stories and insights is important in shaping our understanding of need in Norfolk, and helping to inspire philanthropy.


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I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

12th December 2018

Every text book on the weighty subject of leadership or management will include reference to the importance of ‘strategic planning’. But what is it, and does it need to be...

Philanthrophy – easier to do than say

7th December 2018

You may already be involved in philanthropy, even if it’s not something you’ve really thought about in those terms before, as it’s about having a genuine concern for humankind and...

Norfolk ProHelp: A simple way for businesses to donate their time and expertise to help local communities

20th November 2018

Are you a business looking to give something back to the local community? Why not consider donating your time to share your professional expertise with local voluntary and not for...

Serving with distinction

7th November 2018

Serving with distinction – the inspiring people we love to partner with…

Together for Women

10th August 2018

Trailblazing in the fight for equality, empowerment and opportunity