Sheringham Shoal Community Fund

*Open for applications now*


Fund aims
The Fund will support projects proposed by groups inspired to do something new and positive in their community. Projects should focus on one or more of the following objectives:

  • To contribute to reducing climate change.
  • To assist the sustainability of North Norfolk communities by stimulating their own ability to solve issues and create opportunities, for example by providing educational or community business facilities.
  • To have a marine environment or marine safety focus.
  • To promote environmental sensitivity, sustainability or the benefits of renewable energy.
  • To contribute to education or employment in the renewable energy industry or related arenas through access to courses and community activities.

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Who can apply
The fund is open to charities, community groups, parish and town councils, educational institutions and other non-profit organisations working in the North Norfolk area.

Please refer to our FAQs for specific guidance on the types of organisation/ project that are eligible to apply. Please note the specific guidance in the FAQs for Social Enterprises/ CICs.

The Fund aims to award half of the funding to Wells-next-the-Sea and the surrounding area with the remaining funds being available to the wider North Norfolk area.

Solar PV
The Fund will consider applications for support with the installation of solar PV on community buildings and schools. The Fund is unlikely to provide 100% funding for such installations. You will therefore need to provide a reasonable level of contribution to support the cost. Your contribution can come from your organisation’s reserves, a loan or other grant funding. Alternatively, particularly for larger schemes in the 10 KW to 30KW range you may wish to consider exploring a leasing arrangement such as that operated by Norse Energy* to provide the balance of funding needed. As a guide the Sheringham Shoal Fund is likely to provide maximum funding of £10,000 or 80% of the project cost – whichever is less. These figures are a guide only and should not be viewed as guaranteed. 

*The Sheringham Shoal Fund does not endorse any particular provider and you should carry out your own investigations of the options before entering into any contracts.

How to Apply
The Sheringham Shoal Community Fund awards grants through a two stage process. Initially applicants complete an “outline proposal” which allows you to briefly set out what you plan to do and explain how the work will address the Fund’s priorities. Selected applicants are then invited to complete a more detailed full application.

Before applying you are strongly encouraged to discuss your idea with Clive Rayner at the Foundation (contact details below).

Interested groups can submit the Outline Proposal Form by email to at any time.

The outline proposal stage can also be used to request development funding of up to £500 if your project requires further development before it can proceed. Such funding might be used to carry out public consultation or to pay for independent advice.

The outline proposal will be considered by the panel and selected applicants will be invited to submit a full application. When we make the outline decision we will advise you of the timescale for completing your full application. Full applications are considered at meetings at regular intervals during the year. The next opportunity for full applications to be considered is in November 2018. The Fund has not set an upper grant limit (other than for solar PV projects), but as a guide the largest grant awarded to date is £25,000.

Please note: passing the outline proposal stage does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded. You should not commit to any expenditure until you have a decision on a full application.

For Fund enquiries please contact Clive Rayner, Grants Officer by email or tel 01603 623958



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