Our Community


mencap11Community is an important part of our everyday life. And giving locally is of vital importance to ensure that our communities are strong and vibrant.

Norfolk is typically perceived as a fairly prosperous and vibrant part of the UK and the majority of people in the county enjoy a good quality of life. However, whilst deprivation and social disadvantage of various types is not as widespread as elsewhere in the country, Norfolk contains some of the most deprived areas in the UK. Deprivation is often disguised by wealthier areas that exist side by side with much needier neighbourhoods.

In October 2016, Norfolk Community Foundation launched its first Vital Signs Report which identifies some of the specific areas of need in Norfolk, specifically focusing on issues including skills, education and employment, rural living and health and wellbeing. The report identifies where need exists and helps to inform our local grant-making.

Working together

To ensure that our grant-making reaches those most in need and makes a real difference to people’s lives, we are actively involved with the wider charitable and public sectors and continually seek to develop our knowledge of emerging social issues.

Norfolk Community Foundation works with communities, voluntary organisations and donors to address need and help to enrich communities in the county. The Foundation works with local community groups because often smaller, user-led groups are in the best position to speak for the poor and marginalised.

Our approach is one of flexibility and we pride ourselves on being able to react to changing social need by introducing new ways of ensuring funding reaches those that need it, whether through grants, bursaries or social finance.

Read our community stories to see how some individuals and groups have benefitted.