Charity of the Year

 chairty of the year

If you have an annual section process for charity of the year, you might wish to consider adopting Norfolk Community Foundation as your nominated charity.

By doing this you can channel your fundraising and charitable giving through us, knowing that it will be used to support local projects. Once you reach your target or a significant amount, you and your employees can select the local projects and community groups that you wish to support with our help.

Alternatively, if your organisation is celebrating a ‘big’ anniversary or milestone, you might wish to mark it by setting a fundraising challenge Accountants, Lovewell Blake celebrated their 150 year anniversary in 2008 by establishing the LB150 Fund, with a target of raising £150,000 over five years to be donated to local charities and community groups.

This was achieved in 2013 and the total amount raised has been donated to over 100 charitable and community projects throughout Norfolk and North Suffolk, where their offices are based. The fundraising continues and they have now raised over £200,000 for charitable causes.

Contact Claire Cullens on 01603 623958  or email for more information.