Shelroy Charitable Trust Fund

*Currently closed for applications*


Closed for applications
Appeals can be submitted at any time – see details below


Shelroy Charitable Trust grants aim to support charitable and community activities across Norfolk, with particular focus on Norwich and East Norfolk.

Grants of up to £5,000 can be considered to support projects that benefit disabled, vulnerable or disadvantaged people in Norfolk.

Priority will be given to capital projects to improve or enhance community buildings or facilities where there is clear evidence that the site serves a wide community purpose, and/ or clear plans are in place to increase its availability to the community.  Organisations can only receive one award per year from The Shelroy Charitable Trust.


  • Buildings that serve a limited membership will not be considered – this includes church buildings that are only used by the congregation and for the typical functions of a church.
  • Conservation/ preservation works to heritage sites, monuments or artefacts will not typically be considered for funding.
  • Sports clubs will not be supported unless the opportunities primarily involve people with disabilities.
  • Applications that request funds purely to cover salaries are unlikely to be supported.
  • Large national charities/ international charities will not be supported.

Who can apply
Charitable, community and voluntary groups based or clearly operating in Norfolk can apply. This includes Churches/ PCCs and Parish Councils where the project is clearly community focused and inclusive.

Please refer to our FAQs for specific guidance on the types of organisation/ project that are eligible to apply. Please note the specific guidance in the FAQs for Social Enterprises/ CICs.

Schools are not eligible to apply.

When to apply
Grants are awarded three times per year typically in March, July and November. 

How to apply
Norfolk Community Foundation has launched a new way to apply online, which enables applicants to complete more of the process entirely online if they wish.  If you have any problems at all using the new system please contact the Grants Team for support. 

If you are using an old version of eg. Internet Explorer you may find it helpful to download a copy of Google Chrome to ensure you have the best experience – this browser is free to download here  

Independent reference: Please note: we no longer require applicants to provide an independent reference with every application. Instead you will be asked to provide contact details for a referee within the online application form and we will contact the referee where we feel this will be helpful. Please see our FAQs for guidance on choosing an independent referee.

Making an online application:

Step 1 – Complete the online application form by clicking on the link below.  The new form enables you to upload various pieces of supporting information to complete your application. You can still send some or all of your supporting information separately by email or by post if you wish.

Step 2 – Ensure that Norfolk Community Foundation receives your online form, and all supporting information, by the deadline date.

Click here to begin an online application


In addition to its Grants fund, The Shelroy Charitable Trust is also able to consider direct appeals from charities operating in the county, and on behalf of Norfolk individuals in evidenced cases of hardship and need.

Appeals can be submitted by letter to: Grants Manager, Shelroy Charitable Trust, Norfolk Community Foundation, St James Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich NR3 1TN or by email to at any time. Appeals will be considered three times per year typically in March, July and November unless marked urgent. Please ensure that you include cheque payee details and a postal address.

Charitable organisations
Please include a copy of the charity’s most recent annual accounts. Appeals from charities with a substantial income, or regional/ national charities unable to evidence benefit primarily in Norfolk are unlikely to be successful. The Exclusions listed above for the Grants Fund will also apply. Please note, if your organisation is eligible to apply to The Shelroy Charitable Trust Grants Fund you may be asked to complete a full application. Organisations can only receive one award per year from The Shelroy Charitable Trust.

Requests for support for individuals in need must be submitted by a support agency or similar that is able to provide a professional and independent reference confirming the appellant’s circumstances and financial needs. Please note financial aid relating to debt relief or repayment of loans will not be considered. Holidays/ respite breaks and similar are also unlikely to be considered.  The trustees will also consider appeals from young Norfolk residents involved in organised overseas projects where there is significant humanitarian content.

For Fund enquiries please contact Jenny Bevan, Grants Manager by email or tel 01603 623958



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