Jack’s Lane Wind Farm Community Fund

*Currently closed for applications*

Closed for applications 

The Jack’s Lane Wind Farm Community Fund is funded by Jack’s Lane Energy Limited and aimed at small community led organisations. The Fund is for projects which will benefit the residents of the following parishes (comprising an area of benefit spanning 5km from each of the turbine locations): North Creake, South Creake, Stanhoe, Syderstone, Bagthorpe with Barmer, Barwick, Bircham, Burnham Market, Docking, East Rudham and Tattersett. The Fund is managed by Norfolk Community Foundation on behalf of Jack’s Lane Energy Limited.

Preference will be given to projects that are located within the 5km area of benefit, however projects from further afield can be considered and a grant awarded provided the project is deemed to be of benefit to those living and working within 5km of Jack’s Lane Wind Farm turbines.

The purpose of the Fund is to support any type of activity that involves local people through small community organisations and benefits their community. The activities must provide some measure of economic, environmental, educational, social or cultural benefit for people living in the area. Jack’s Lane Energy Limited will pay annually into the Fund while the Jack’s Lane Wind Farm is operational.

Who can apply?
Your group can apply if you:

  • are a small community led organisation;
  • are a not-for-profit group;
  • are considered to benefit people living and working within 5km of the wind farm which includes the following parishes of North Creake, South Creake, Stanhoe, Syderstone, Bagthorpe with Barmer, Barwick, Bircham, Burnham Market, Docking, East Rudham and Tattersett.
  • have a constitution or set of rules, dated and signed as “adopted” by the Chair, or other senior office holder on behalf of the group;
  • have a bank account, in the name of your group, which requires at least two signatures;
  • can provide a copy of your most recent accounts or statement of income and expenditure and a bank statement. These must be audited or signed as approved by your Chair or other senior office holder;
  • can spend the grant within one year or return it, or part of it, to the Fund.

Please refer to our FAQs for specific guidance on the types of organisation/ project that are eligible to apply. Please note the specific guidance in the FAQs for Social Enterprises/ CICs.

Schools are not eligible to apply.

How much can we apply for?
Grants up to £5,000 in any funding year.

Groups are eligible to apply to the Community Fund if they have an outstanding end of project report from a previous Jack’s Lane Wind Farm Community Fund grant subject to a satisfactory monitoring report.   

When can we apply?
The Fund is currently closed. 

If an application is time critical it will be considered outside of the scheduled panel meetings by mail or email and a decision made within two weeks of the submission (subject to funding being available).

How to apply
Norfolk Community Foundation has launched a new way to apply online, which enables applicants to complete more of the process entirely online if they wish.  If you have any problems at all using the new system please contact the Grants Team for support.  Paper copies of the application pack are available upon request. 

If you are using an old version of eg. Internet Explorer you may find it helpful to download a copy of Google Chrome to ensure you have the best experience – this browser is free to download here http://www.google.com/chrome/  

Making an online application:

Step 1 – Read the full guidance for the Fund, and complete the online application form by clicking on the links below.  The online form enables you to upload various pieces of supporting information to complete your application. You can still send some or all of your supporting information separately by email or by post if you wish.

Full guidance and criteria –  Application Guidance and Criteria

Click here to begin an online application

Step 2 – Ensure that Norfolk Community Foundation receives your online form, and all supporting information, by the deadline date (where applicable).

For Fund enquiries please contact Jo Maddocks, Grants Officer, by email at jomaddocks@norfolkfoundation.com or tel 01603 623958


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