Breckland Council Community Funding

*Open for applications now*

Applications can be made at any time when the Fund is open

Funding available
The following funding pots are currently available:

Breckland Council Match Funding Small Grants – funding of between £500 and £5,000. With this funding stream applicants can expect a maximum of 50%  of the total project cost therefore match funding is required which can be from your own funds or other external funders.

Breckland Council Match Funding Large Grants – funding of between £5,001 and £20,000. With this funding stream there is a maximum of 30% of the total project cost available, therefore match funding is required which can be from your own funds or other external funders.

Pride in Breckland Funding – funding of up to £1,000. This funding is intended to improve the environment and lives of residents in the Breckland area. No match funding is required.

These three funding opportunities are among a range of Funds that Norfolk Community Foundation is operating on behalf of Breckland Council. Details of the Community funding and other funding opportunities are provided in the attached guide Breckland Funding Guide

Please note: Applications for funding towards highways improvements or Parish street lighting will not be considered unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated, and applicants can evidence that they have exhausted all other options for funding. It is recommended that groups interested in submitting such applications should contact the Breckland Council Communities department (tel: 01362 656870) before submitting an application via Norfolk Community Foundation.

How to apply

Breckland Council Match Funding (large and small grants) and Pride in Breckland have the same application process which is described below.

These Funds have an online process, which enables applicants to complete more of the process entirely online if they wish.  If you have any problems at all using the new system please contact the Grants Team for support. 

If you are using an old version of eg. Internet Explorer you may find it helpful to download a copy of Google Chrome to ensure you have the best experience – this browser is free to download here  

Making an online application (Match funding and Pride in Breckland):

Step 1 – Identify which Breckland Council objectives your project meets using this form Breckland Priorities and Objectives . You will need to save this and send it with your application.

Step 2 – Contact your Breckland ward member(s) to inform them that you are making an application and ask that they contact Norfolk Community Foundation to give their view on your project –  Find your Councillor

Step 3 – Complete the online application form by clicking on the link below.  The form enables you to upload various pieces of supporting information to complete your application. You can still send some or all of your supporting information separately by email or by post if you wish.

Click here to begin an online application

For Fund enquiries please contact the Grants Team, by email or tel 01603 623958



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