In November 2020, The Burrell Shop opened at the Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford as part of Norfolk Community Foundation’s commitment to develop long-term, sustainable solutions to ensure that no-one goes hungry, providing good quality, affordable food to people living close by.

The community shop, open to people living in the Burrell Ward, works on a membership basis: customers can buy fresh, frozen, dried and tinned food, alongside essential toiletries, nappies and personal care items.

All stock is donated by charities and supporters, including Fareshare, HISChurch, Country Food Trust and other local food suppliers. Products are available at a hugely reduced cost, with one shoppers reporting a saving of £30 on their weekly shop, and there are usually some freebies too.

Judy Dow, Head of Philanthropy at Norfolk Community Foundation, and Cllr Sam Chapman-Allen, Leader of Breckland Council

Billie Lawler is the shop manager: “People in our community are struggling. If you’re receiving just 80% of your usual wage or have lost your job, it can be impossible to manage” she says. “The Burrell Shop is helping people stretch their income further to ensure no one goes hungry.”

The Burrell Shop has been made possible with support and funding from a range of partners including Breckland District Council, local people that care about their community and national funders such as Feeding Britain. Norfolk Community Foundation is now looking to move quickly to establish similar community supermarket hubs in key areas across the county.

If you live in the Burrell Ward and would like to find out about shop membership, please visit between 10am and 12noon on weekdays, plus Monday evenings from 4pm to 6pm, or email

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Having to accept food handouts on an ongoing basis is no good for anyone’s self-respect or health. That’s why we are developing projects that give people control and choice when it comes to feeding their families and themselves.
Claire Cullens, Chief Executive of Norfolk Community Foundation