The Norfolk Future Fund is our entry point into charitable giving for those who are looking to make a difference, but not sure about which organisations to support. Don’t stand on the side-lines, become part of the change!

A monthly donation from £25 will introduce you to both the challenges facing communities and the charities and groups making a difference locally. Alongside other members, you decide how your collective membership should be spent to support others.

To help you build a network of likeminded philanthropists, we restrict the Future Fund membership to those under 45.


  • Can I join?

    Membership is from £25 a month or £300 p.a. and members receive regular updates on the difference they are making as well as invitations to events.

  • Who decides where the money is spent?

    Norfolk Community Foundation will bring a number of charitable organisations to your attention for you to decide as members where your membership fund should be spent. The Community Foundation’s staff team bring unrivalled knowledge of community issues and work with over 2,000 organisations within Norfolk, who are making a difference on your doorstep. We will be on hand to help you make those decisions.

  • How do I know my money is being spent wisely?

    Every penny of your donation goes into the fund for immediate grant giving. Each organisation which receives funding is evaluated by the grants team to ensure they are making a difference and are compliant with Charity Commission guidelines.

The Fund provides a way as a collective to make life changing grants to charities. NCF play an important role in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our county.
Peter Daines, Corporate Manager, Handelsbanken