Match your giving with your aspirations and start building a fund with the Norfolk Community Foundation.

Having a fund with us is like having your own charitable trust, but better.

We take away all the hassle of the administration and regulation required of a charitable trust and give you the support of our expert team. We help you to identify where your money will make most difference, allowing you to make confident decisions. You will get regular feedback and updates on how you have helped to make change on your doorstep.

We have two fund types: endowment and annual. You can choose either option or combine elements of both, depending on how you want to give.


We invest your gift, and the resulting revenue your investment generates goes to support the causes that matter to you. Over time, the amount distributed will outstrip your original gift, making a lasting legacy for Norfolk.


Your gift is kept as cash and used to support the causes that matter to you. To keep making a difference, you will need to make a new gift each year.

Options for your fund

You can choose to back one of our high impact initiatives or establish a bespoke fund which can be tailored to your preferred style of giving.

Our high impact initiatives:

Love Norfolk – Our signature fund, Love Norfolk supports our 3 strategic initiatives:

  • Supporting vulnerable people – tackling disadvantage and inequality in our communities.
  • Stronger communities – supporting the people, places and spaces that help communities thrive and grow.
  • Unlocking potential – helping people to develop their skills, move towards employment and take up opportunities to enrich their lives.

Together for Women and Girls programme – Enable women and girls to take positive steps towards empowerment and opportunity. This initiative challenges inequality, abuse, exploitation and disadvantage in the home, workplace and wider local communities for women and girls across Norfolk.

Community leadership – Back our leadership and mentoring of smaller voluntary groups and charities to facilitate and enable a local, coordinated response to the challenges the charitable sector is facing. Our community toolbox offer includes; sharing our detailed knowledge of needs across Norfolk, strategic grant giving, relationship brokering, sharing resources and best practice.

Bespoke Funds

With a bespoke fund, we help you to identify both the causes that matter most to you and the style of giving that you will most enjoy.

When tailoring your fund you can choose from any one of the options below, or decide to keep a mix of different ways to give.

  • If you have a specific cause in mind, such as mental health or homelessness, we can make grants to the groups that match your interests, based on our research and requests we receive.
  • We can seek applications for your fund based on an agreed criteria around the causes that matter and the type of difference you would like to make.
  • We can offer you the opportunity to participate in joint funding projects alongside other philanthropists.
  • You have the option of setting up an advisory panel to look at proposals.
  • You can have privacy or publicity as you wish.

Bespoke funds are inherently flexible and can be amended at any time.

Bespoke Endowment funds start at £25,000.

Bespoke Annual funds start at £10,000.

You must be the change you want to see in the world