The start of philanthropy on your doorstep

You may already have a cause that inspires you or you may want us to help you identify one. We are here to guide your giving, to make a difference in Norfolk.

Because we understand that people like to give in different ways, we offer a range of giving options for you to choose from. From starting a charitable fund, to giving with others who share your interests, to leaving a legacy, donating now or giving your time to provide professional advice and guidance. However you choose to give, we match your generosity to what is needed in Norfolk now and in the future.

Our leadership and knowledge give us unrivalled reach into the community groups and charities making a difference on your doorstep. Our public and private sector partnerships bring additional resources to your support, ensuring that together, Norfolk shines brighter.

So let’s get started.

Build a Fund – give in a way that matches your wishes

Giving network – give with other people who share your interests and make a bigger difference

Leave a legacy – give through your will and help future generations in Norfolk

Donate your time – your professional firm can offer free skills and expertise to the voluntary and not for profit sector via Norfolk ProHelp.