Find out how to show that your project received our support, and help to get local publicity for your funded project

If you need any help in publicising your grant or your funded project, please get in touch.


  • How should I acknowledge my grant from Norfolk Community Foundation?

    We will provide you with a logo for NCF at the point your grant is paid. It is a condition of your grant that you use our correct logo on all the materials relevant to your funded project – that may be in print, on your website or on social media. You can also download copies from the links to the right  – a high resolution copy to be used in print, and a web friendly version to use online.

    You may also receive a logo from the specific Fund that provided your grant – the name of the Fund will be stated on your Funding Agreement. If a Fund logo is available, please use this alongside NCF’s logo to acknowledge your grant.

    You can also use the following wording to acknowledge your grant: Supported by Norfolk Community Foundation through (name of Fund).

  • How can I go about publicising my grant?

    We would like you to acknowledge both NCF and Fund that provided your grant in any publicity. Eg. This project has been supported by Norfolk Community Foundation through (name of Fund). The details of the Fund that awarded your grant are stated in your Funding Agreement, or contact us to confirm.

    You may have opportunities locally to shout about your funding – local newspapers and parish magazines can be good ways to get the word out.

    A short and simple press release is all you need – if you have good photo it can help to get interest in your story.  You can download a template press release here using the link to the right to personalise with your project details.

    Please let us know if you are planning to send out a press release, and we will be happy to check the details for you.  If you need any additional support we will be happy to help.

  • What about social media?

    Social media is a great, easy way to promote your work.

    Mention us in a post on Facebook (Tag us in a post acknowledging your recent grant using @NCFsupported)

    If you have a twitter account you may find the template tweets below helpful:

    A grant through @Norfolkcf is making a difference to people where I live – find out more and apply at; #NCFsupported #Shinebrighter
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    We’ve just been awarded funding from @NorfolkCF to support our project! Find out more & apply at; #NCFsupported #Shinebrighter
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