In addition to offering grants for Norfolk charities, Shelroy Charitable Trust considers appeals on behalf of Norfolk individuals in evidenced cases of need, typically relating to disability or health condition.

Requests for support for individuals in need must be submitted by a support agency or similar that is able to provide a professional and independent reference confirming the client’s circumstances and financial needs.  Requests supported tend to be one-off costs, for example a piece of equipment to support care or mobility, or essential items for a supported person moving into new unfurnished accommodation.

Appeals can be submitted at any time while the Fund is open.

Please note financial aid relating to general hardship/ low income, debt relief or repayment of loans will not be considered. Holidays/ respite breaks and similar are also unlikely to be considered.

How to apply

Appeals can be submitted by letter to: Shelroy Charitable Trust, Norfolk Community Foundation, St James Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich NR3 1TN or by email to at any time.  Payment will typically be made to the support agency to make purchases on the client’s behalf, or direct to a supplier. Please ensure that you include cheque payee details and a postal address.