Broadland District Council’s Community at Heart Grants programme is designed to help meet the needs of local community groups and the provision of community-led activities and projects.


Applications can be accepted at any time while the Fund is open.

There are three strands to the Community at Hearts Grants programme, and for two of these groups will be expected to raise 50% of the project costs.   Please take the link to the guidance page for the details about each strand and the match funding requirement.

The Council can fund projects that clearly demonstrate their contribution to the priorities set out in the Broadland Business Plan a copy of which can be viewed at:

The ambitions of Broadland District Council are currently:

  • To deliver Economic Success in our area
  • To achieve Environmental Excellence in everything we do
  • To plan and provide well housed communities
  • To increase levels of health and wellbeing
  • To keep people safe and secure
  • To continue to provide high quality, value for money services on our own or as a trusted partner

How a Broadland Community at Heart Grant can help your organisation

In order to achieve the Council’s ambitions the outcomes required from the Community Grants Programme include:

  • Improved quality of life for Broadland residents through access to local facilities, activities and services
  • Increased participation to create stronger and more cohesive communities
  • Enhanced local environments
  • Increased opportunities to encourage healthier and more active people
  • Increased number of volunteers
  • Increased number of local activities and events that offer opportunities for all

General running costs and salaries will not be considered unless the applicant can clearly demonstrate that they have the funds and skills to maintain the project once funding ends.