Wednesday 3rd Aug, 2016

Norfolk’s Vital Signs

In 2016, Norfolk Community Foundation joined other community foundations across the network by taking part in Vital Signs – an annual report designed to measure social trends and the vitality of our communities to build a picture of life and social need in our county.

Vital Signs logo

Vital Signs Employment & Skills page - P1Norfolk is generally perceived as a prosperous part of the UK, with the majority of residents enjoying a high quality of life.  However, for many people, life in the county presents challenges compounded by isolation, low income and other life limiting factors.  Whilst the report will explore the county’s strengths, the research will help us to understand the scale and nature of inequality that affects some of our most vulnerable residents.

Combining statistical research with a community consultation, Vital Signs will provide a more digestible, well rounded picture of what life is like in Norfolk focusing on themes which include employment and skills, rurality, health and wellbeing and fairness.

Taking action towards improving the quality of life for Norfolk residents

Community Foundations are increasingly being looked to, not only as philanthropy advisors but to take a community leadership role and to drive and influence positive social change on a local level.  In carrying out this research project, our main priorities are to:

  • Ensure that our donors are equipped with the knowledge they need to enable them to direct their grant making to the most critical areas
  • Start new conversations with those who can support community philanthropy, ensuring they are informed about issues and opportunities for action so that their philanthropy makes a true difference
  • Enable us to help to influence the work of community leaders, residents, organisations, policy makers, public bodies and the private sector to enact social change

The full report is available on 4 October 2016 but we will be sharing some of our findings in the run up to the publication of the research.  If you would like to know more about Vital Signs, please contact Jenny Bevan, Head of Programmes or Claire Cullens, Chief Executive on 01603 623958.

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