Monday 7th Nov, 2016

New Endeavour Rangers Community Fund

The New Endeavour Rangers legacy supports local young people through a new fund

Gorleston’s New Endeavour Rangers marching band has had a nostalgic re-awakening thanks to the discovery of newspaper clippings and photographs found by Jennifer Utting, daughter of Jack Atkins, one of the original founders in 1975.  The marching band of girls and boys aged eight and over, aimed to give young people an interest and get involved in music as well as encouraging them to become helpful and respectful members of the community.

Although Jack Atkins sadly passed away in 1994, the band continued to perform until earlier this year when it was disbanded due to the difficulty of finding new members.  In February their hall was sold – the proceeds of which enabled the Trustees to set up the “Endeavour Rangers Community Fund”, now administered by the Foundation. Jennifer was prompted to contact the Foundation when she found out that we had set up the new Fund.

“The photographs were in albums and envelopes I sorted through since my mother passed away.  My mother kept all the papers because I had told her one day these will be of interest to someone . . . Also once the headquarters were sold I knew that the proceeds would have to be sorted through the Charity Commission, and I thought it would be of interest to the groups who will benefit from the Fund to know the origins.”

Charitable Trusts

A big part of our work at the Foundation involves working with charitable trusts – whether supporting active trusts with their administration and management or transferring inactive ones into the management of the Foundation to ensure the money in the trust reaches the beneficiaries that it was set up to support.  There are thousands of small charitable trusts across the UK that are either dormant, inactive, or ineffective.  They may have ceased to operate for a variety of reasons, often through circumstances that are beyond the control of the original trustees.

The New Endeavour Rangers Community Fund is just one example of how we can help to support inactive charities or trusts that have been so important to the local community over the years. The fact that we can now continue to provide support to young people to provide leisure activities to help their physical and mental wellbeing in the original spirit of the fund, is a really positive result. 

If you are involved with a charitable trust that has become dormant or inactive, or if you are struggling to appoint trustees to an active trust and are finding the management has become difficult to manage, please contact Claire Cullens on 01603 623958 to see how we can help.

Apply for funding!

The New Endeavour Rangers Fund aims to continue the bands legacy and support charitable organisations offering opportunities and positive activities for young people in Gorleston and the wider borough. Youth Clubs and organisations involved with activities for young people, which might benefit from a support for their funding, are encouraged to apply to the Foundation for grants to help them.

If you are involved in a community group or charity and would like to see if this fund is currently accepting applications for funding, please click here>>>